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op three articles on a cheating spouse what you need to know, what you don’t want to know, but what you probably should know if you are married and have even been cheated on or are thinking of cheating. For both a man and a woman on what drives each to cheat and how one man was affected by his wife cheating.

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Reasons Why A Woman Cheats In The Marriage

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There are more women cheating in a marriage than statically calculated. A woman will cheat differently than a man. If the woman can keep her emotions in check with the man that she is having the affair with, he will most likely not pressure her to get out of the marriage or cause a problem in the marriage for her, making it eaiser for her to stay in her marriage and continue to cheat.

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How to repair the sexual relationship after your wifes infidelity

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We hear about men cheating and coming back to the marriage but we do not often hear about what it feels like for a man to have his wife cheat and then come back to the marriage. There is a difference in how a man will view his wife after she has cheated that will differ from how a woman may see a husband.

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Reasons Why Your Husband Will Cheat In His Marriage Being A Man

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They are still men of course who on occasion like to look at pretty women, but for the most part prefer to go home to a loving wife that they know and can be themselves with. So yes, humans do have the ability to be monogamous. So then what drives a man to want to cheat on his wife? There are three main reasons that a man will cheat on his wife.

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What are some other solutions besides cheating.

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Cashmere Lashkari's picture

Does any marriage really

Does any marriage really survive infidelity?

thehappyspouse's picture

You asked if a marriage

You asked if a marriage really survives infidelity. A few do, if the couple can resolve the issues that lead the spouse to cheat in the first place, and if the spouse is willing to forgive the cheating spouse, move forward and learn to trust again. with all of that being said it takes much hard works, but the ones that do end up making it the marriage tends to get stronger because of the work that they put into it and the commitment that they have to build up again. So yes it is possible, but the truth is that the majority do not make it and that is because of the most important aspect of healing, is that they don’t take the time to figure out the reason the person cheated in the first place. My suggestion to my clients who come to me for counseling is to try and work out the problems in the marriage before it gets to the point where one spouse is so fed up that they go out and cheat.

Cashmere Lashkari's picture

Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel

Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel that no marriage that is already shaky will survive an affair. Mine is not the best of marriages, but I try to make it work anyway. I know that if I ever catch my spouse cheating I will walk out and that will be the end.

thehappyspouse's picture

Cashmere, if your marriage is

Cashmere, if your marriage is shaky, than you have to do something about it now! why try and predict that he will cheat that is setting yourself up for being hurt. Listen, men are less complicated than women, unless your husband is out of the norm, most men will respond to a woman who greets her husband with a kiss and a hug when he comes home from work, then make sure to be intimate with him. If you need help or counseling I am avaliable visit my site I help people over the phone with problems from alll over the world.
best of luck to you,