Best Review - Top 3 Articles About Mars and the Need for Human Colonization

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Did you know that we have found liquid water on Mars? Did you know that we could begin manned exploration of Mars within a decade? The only way to ensure the survival of the human race is by colonizing other planets; find out why! These articles Manned Exploration of Mars Within a Decade Regardless of whether we find life on Mars, we already know that it is habitable to life from Earth (at least underground). We should send a team to begin exploring the habitable regions in hope that one day we will be able to set up permanent bases or colonies on the planet. Water on Mars The discovery of water on Mars will hopefully lead to other developments in the field of Martian exploration and discovery, but that remains to be seen. Humanity Must Colonize Other Planets If something ever happened to Earth then all of humanity would die, but if we spread out to other planets then something could happen to one of them and humanity would still be able to flourish.
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