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am one of those people that loves dogs and I want to tell you more how you can save the street dogs. Everyday I take a ride in town and every doggy I see I give them water and some food. The sad en happy faces of the dogs are enough for me. There are so many adoption and rescue foundations and they cant do it all alone. So if you see a stray dog, just stop a moment and give them some love if you don't have some food. Hope that you also can do that.

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Pet Rescue

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Pet Rescue is a free non-profit service rescue groups with potential adopters like you. We rely on the kindness of pet lovers to help us save lives. Please feel free and adopt a animal please.

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Animal Rescue

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Every rescue is different. Everything from the dog's temperament, its age, are different. So that's why different people are needed to help rescue the dogs. If you are a animal lover please help us.

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Stray dog

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Straydog provides a home to over 155 rescued dogs and a few kitties, while they continue to struggle financially. Only with supporters' help can Straydog continue this vital mission!

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