Best Review - Top 3 Advices to protect your teeth


owadays many people complain of severe pain of their teeth , Here are advices that keep your teeth safe and protect it from dental caries .

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Brush your teeth daily

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Brushing your teeth daily is very important as it protects you from dental caries . I recommend brushing your teeth after every meal . After applying the fluoridated toothpaste to your brush , Put the brush 45 degrees to your teeth and then brush your teeth up and down left and right . Here's a video explains the right way to brush your teeth.

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Visit your dentist regularly

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It's very important to visit your dentist regularly as he checks up your teeth and gums . He checks for dental caries for early treatment before the bacteria attacks your dentin after your enamel has been attacked and so on the pulp canals of your teeth . It's important also as the dentist examines the whole of your oral cavity and if there are strange lesions.

Top 3

Try to limit sugary food

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Bacteria which are in dental plaques change surges into acids which then attack enamel and dentin of the teeth and cause dental caries so , everyone should brush daily as well as flossing to avoid that . That video explains that process :

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