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alloween is a fun time for young and old alike and dressing up for makes it just that much more fun. As a general rule Halloween is supposed to be spooky and scary, but there is no rule that says that it can't be funny also. I'm going to give you a little taste of both the funny and the scary here and you'll find that they both can be fun.

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Zombie Halloween Costumes

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Everybody just loves zombies, you can tell by how many movies have been made about them. So with that in mind why not dress as one this Halloween. I'm sure your friends will get a kick out of it.

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Funny Adult Halloween Costumes

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Make them laugh this Halloween with an outrageous funny adult Halloween costume. Your friends will laugh their asses off to see you dressed as big baby or Fred Flintstone. Think of all the you will have at the parties

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Star Wars Princess Leia Costume

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Ladies, how would you like to be the darling of the party. As Princess Leia you surely can be.

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As you can see Halloween doesn't have to be all one thing. You can scare people or you can make them laugh. It all depends on what frame of mind you're in.

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