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ach one of us (male or female) dreams to get partner in his own life.But how could you attract him??!
First of all your appearance should be noticed
How to talk ! What clothes you should wear ! Which perfum you should have!
Sec. Choosing the partner who has a beautiful smile and sad eyes
Third find and focus on what you share with him
Fourth try to touch his hand day after a day without talking
Fifth find some way to get in an conversation with him
Sexth ;)
Search for a comfortable bed for you both
Since you win your partner heart don't miss time and start your muddy massage within your both brains
Imaginary steps can be real just if you start imagination
Kissing is the key to open any relation
And trust is the key to open marriage relation
Follow me every day to find out how to get your partner

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Good Kiss

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Always make it wet
Take breath before
Take you time
Make it while you handle ears

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Little simple words with simple laugh in the ear

Top 3

Movy hands

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Palms& fingers can make more than you think
Little massage to the shoulders and close eyes during kiss
Make your partner imagine the next step

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