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he SOPA Strike and PIPA Protest was groundbreaking...Over 75,000 websites protested the "Stop Online Piracy Act" aka SOPA...Wow!!!...It was shocking for many to go to Wikipedia for instance and find a self-imposed black screen of death...FYI, this Piracy Act thingy probably all started with Napster's copyright woes and it just blew up and out of proportion from there...The music and film industries are crying foul because through congress they want to not only slap the wrists (by blocking access to websites) of what they consider violators, but also probably fine and imprison people for sharing things that hopefully they actually purchased...2012 is starting out to be a serious historically event filled year...Could the shakeups in politics in America which ultimately will effect capitalism worldwide in earth shattering proportions be the beginning of catastrophic events that the Maya calendar predicted thousands of years ago???

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Wikipedia Blackout in Protest of PIPA and SOPA
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Wikipedia, English site

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Has over 3.8 million articles written by about 100,00 contributors... Wikipedia is ranked number six with Alexa from all websites worldwide and is viewed 2.7 billion times in the U.S...

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Receives over one billion search requests per day and sits at number one according to Alexa...

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Has over 800 million active users and is ranked number two behind Google with Alexa..

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Tea Party West

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REALLY ?!?!?...That what SOPA Strike reports...

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SOPA is legislation that is trying to be passed in the House of Representatives and PIPA is legislation that is on the agenda of Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat representing Vermont in the Senate...The orchestrated blackout that began on January 18, 2012 lasted anywhere from 12-24 hours (at the discretion of website owners and webmasters)... Politicians, bloggers, webmasters, small businesses, big corporations, non-profit organizations and activists of all kinds joined cohesively to send a message to congress to let freedom ring...Free speech is one thing that the United States was founded on and people believe if that is taken away bit by bit with legislation how does democracy really benefit the people...The little people may be low in income or opportunities but they are massive in numbers...The Occupy Wall Street Protest with their 99% slogan is evidence that if the little guys actually wake up, it could mean big problems for Big Brother...

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