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ere are 20 tips for saving money. If your goal is to buy the things you need while living on a tight budget then this is the list for you.

ways to save money
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Top 1

Grocery shop with a pre-planned list

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Make a shopping list, adding to it each day of the week. When you get your coupons in the newspaper match them to the list. Buy the sale items in bulk.

Top 2

Use Smarty-Pig banks Facebook functionality to help raise funds for the wedding

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Planning a wedding? If so consider using Facebook to help pay for the expenses. When you have an account with SmartyPig you can post your wedding expense goals on Facebook. Your Facebook friends can contribute to the wedding expense fund right from Facebook - whether they belong to SmartyPig or not.

Top 3

Get an energy assessment on your home

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No matter what the season, unless you have a brand new home or an extremely energy efficient home you can probably save money with a home energy audit

Top 4

Use a 7 day programmable thermostat

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Cut's down on wasted heat and air-conditioning by allowing you to automatically lower and raise the temperature according to when you are home and the time of day.

Top 5

Keep the tires on your car properly inflated

Here is an easy way to save 20 percent or more on your gasoline bill. Just keep your tires inflated so your car doesn't have to work as hard.

Top 6

If you don’t love it – don’t buy it

Stop spending money on things that you don't really want or need. Merchandisers prey on people who are compulsive. Try to stick to a list.

Top 7

Take advantage of any services that may be offered at work for a discount

Depending who you work for this can be a big one. Some employers have big deals with insurance, restaurants, clothiers name it. Check with your HR department to see if your company has any discounts available.

Top 8

Set a savings goal

For many it is almost impossible to save without defined savings goals. It's best if the contributions are made via direct deposit right from your paycheck.

Top 9

Use cash instead of credit cards

If you tend to carry a balance on your credit cards - then credit cards are probably not a good choice. Use cash instead and avoid the interest charges.

Top 10

Give up your vices

Vices can cost a pretty penny. Cut back or eliminate as many as possible to save money.

Top 11

Watch your card statements like a hawk

I check mine every month and almost every month I find someone who has mis-billed me in some way. This potentially adds up to thousands of dollars per year.

Top 12

Take care of your health

Health costs are skyrocketing today - much faster than the rate of inflation. Be proactive and take care of yourself today avoiding huge medical expenses tomorrow.

Top 13

Ask for rate reductions

Call your utility companies and anyone else who you pay money to monthly and ask for a rate reduction. Explain that you are on a tight budget and what you can afford to pay. If your offer is reasonable they will probably take it.

Top 14

Use the public library rather than buying books and videos

If you like to read this can save a ton of money - just use the library. I have a link to my library right on my computer. That way I can browse the catalog and reserve books from home.

Top 15

Cancel your cable.

With Netflix, Hulu and other online services you don't need cable for movies and many shows anymore. If you still need cable for sports and news, get basic cable. The cable companies won't advertise basic you need to call them and ask for it. In my area basic has 30 Chanels and cost $15 per month which is much less than a conventional cable bill.

Top 16

Buy your clothes at the end of the season

Buying your clothes at the end of the season can save you big time. We usually wait for a clearance sale for discounts on top of the end of season prices. This can be less than consignment shop prices.

Top 17

Use an alternate airport when traveling

We live near Philadelphia; when buying tickets we price out BWI, PHIlly, and Newark NJ airports. It's funny but the same exact flight is often less at BWI than the other two..we just board the plane a stop later or earlier.

Top 18

When traveling stay with family or friends

This works two ways - you can stay at their house if they live someplace nice or you can travel with them. Often when you travel in a larger group you can take advantage of discounts. For instance we rented a shore house right on the beach with our family, my cousins and their family's and my aunt and uncle. The cost per person was much less than if we rented a hotel room or suite.

Top 19

Use space heaters for heat

Space heaters only heat the air around you - not the whole house. So if you just heat the room your in you can save big on winter heating.

Top 20

Brown bag your lunch.

Spending $5 to $10 dollars per day on lunch and snacks really adds up fast - so take 10 minutes each night to pack a lunch for the next day.

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