Best Review - Top 20 WAHM Shelley's Family's All-Time Favorite Movies as of 11/11/11


ur family's favorite movie list leans a bit toward the animated feature film...But we have an upset in the number one spot...Why???...Because the number one movie in our home is not animated or in color...It even has a bit of documentary flair, since it is based on real people and events... But I have to admit although we tend to watch the 1962 version of this film, my kids actually ask to watch the animated version too...This movie for us is better than reality TV...

Best Movie: The Miracle Worker
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Top 1

The Miracle Worker (1962)

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...starring Anne Bancroft as Anne Sullivan and Patty Duke as Helen Keller...As I mentioned above there are other versions/releases with the same title...It was remade in 1979, starring Patty Duke as Anne Sullivan and Melissa Gilbert as Helen Keller...The Miracle Worker was remade again in 2000 starring Hallie Kate Eisenberg (aka the Pepsi Girl) as Helen Keller...The animated version was renamed "Inspiring Animated Heroes: Helen Keller" as a video on an interactive DVD from NEST Family Entertainment...

Top 2

Toy Story (Trilogy)

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What's not to love about toys having a life of their own?...Everybody is a kid at heart and inside at least one of these movies you can reminisce about toys you've played with or given as gifts to a little person, near and dear to your heart...

Top 3

Finding Nemo

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You've just gotta love this movie...Ellen Degeneres really brought something special out of that character Dory...She stole the whole movie for me...

Top 4

Meet The Robinsons

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Such a touching of it brought tears to my eyes...But my kids love the scene when the father meets "his" son on the roof for the first time...Quite a dysfunctional and quirky crew of characters...

Top 5

Cars and Cars 2

My boys love playing with cars...So we can watch those little moving, shaking and talking cars almost any day of the week...

Top 6


A new favorite film of ours...Oh the things that Rapunzel can do with that hair...

Top 7

The Iron Giant

A classic (classic for us, because my first born, twins, were not even two years old when it
was released)favorite of our family...You've just gotta love the ending...It just leaves you wondering what ever happened to The Iron Giant Sequel...

Top 8

The Incredibles

In today's economy most people can relate to being out of work and having to dig deep within themselves to revive the superhero inside...Besides that my kids got a kick out those super hero kids, including Jack Jack...

Top 9

101 Dalmatians starring Glenn Close

My kids liked this version better than the 102 version...Maybe because it seemed to be more kid friendly...But if they saw the animated version you just never which one might win the battle...

Top 10

Open Season Series

...including the game for PlayStation 2, is what my kids really love...

Top 11


...such a cool robot movie...You've gotta love the conveyor belt scene...

Top 12


You've got to move it, move it...the first version was definitely more loved at my house than the sequel...

Top 13


I like dogs, since I grew up with basically having one as a pet before I knew who I was... but since my kids haven't grown up with them, this is just about as close as they want to get to
having one as a pet...

Top 14


An amazing movie, that was literally speechless for about the first half an hour or so... The most surprising thing for me was that my kids managed to watch the whole thing before a word was spoken in the script...

Top 15

Star Wars (all six of the original movies, including the prequels and the sequels)

Scary for the littlest ones in my gang, but all that sci-fi action is just what the doctor ordered for my older boys...

Top 16

Pirates of the Carribean series (yes, all three)

Also, a bit scary for some of my youngest kids...But a great film with lots of humor and action...Gotta love it...

Top 17

Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp

Off with their heads...You've just gotta love the special effects in this piece of art...And then the Mad Hatter just adds to all the fun...

Top 19

Shrek: The Whole Story (Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After)

I love the way the characters from all the stories that you read as a child come together in an crazily wacky way...

Top 20

Over the Hedge

An often requested replay in my home...Maybe because of all the scheming that happens on the screen...

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