Best Review - Top 20 Unique Bucket List Ideas


any bucket list ideas are fairly standard and boring. Make X amount of money. Travel to locations 1,2,3. Reunite with X.

All important stuff of course, but nothing unusual, special or unique. This short list of bucket list ideas has the honor of being ideas you may not have thought about already. These are bucket list ideas that are a bit off the "beaten path". Check out the unique bucket list ideas shared below.

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Top 1

Keep building your bucket list

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Before we dig into specific and unique bucket list ideas, you want to start with a large base of ideas. Check out this massive list of bucket list ideas to great a great jump start on making your own cool bucket list.

Top 2

Join a Flashmob

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This social event will take a lot of planning and a bit of luck to find one happening near you in advance. Check out message boards and join flashmob communities to try to find one of these once in a lifetime opportunities to do something unique and creative.

Top 3

Capture Lightning in a photograph

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This takes skill, luck, patience and a nice thunderstorm. A great goal for any photographer.

Top 4

Try indoor sky diving

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Top 5

Swim with the dolphins

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Top 6

Go sandsurfing in the desert

Top 7

Go Ziplining over a giant chasm

Top 8

Ride an elephant

Top 10

See an Aurora Boreielles

Top 11

Spend 23 hours in sunlight in the extreme North

Top 12

Spend 23 hours in darkness in the extreme north

Top 13

Have a drink at an ice bar

Top 14

GO skinny dipping

Top 15

Run with the Bulls

Top 16

Volunteer and help build a home

Top 17

Attend Comic-con

Top 18

Go to a PGA tour event. Remember to “golf clap”

Top 19

Bathe naked in a waterfall

Top 20

Reward yourself for meeting bucket list goals

Make your bucket list long and varied. SOMe goals should be simple and easy. Others should be challenging. As you reach your goals you should reward yourself for the effort. Check out the list of rewards linked here for some ideas on how to reward yourself for reaching goals.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed the unique bucket list ideas shared above. I hope that these ideas sparked your imagination and made you think of a great many more things you can do with your life to keep it interesting, special and unique. Good luck to you in building yourself a unique, personal and special bucket list you can look back on your achievements with fond memories.

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