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logger is the most popular blogging platform with millions of hosted blogs.Starting a blog on Blogger only takes a few clicks and a few minutes and it's open to anyone.One of the things that attract potential Bloggers to Blogger is the easy customization you can make to the design, apperance and performance of your blog.This list has the 20 best Blogger tutorials, tips and tricks.

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Top 20

Add A Stylish Signature To Your Blog

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This post shows you how to create a stylish signature and add it to the bottom of your blog posts.

Top 19

Remove The Navbar On Blogger

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The navbar is at the top of all the default Blogger templates.Some Bloggers dont like the navebar and if your one of them this post will show you how to remove it.

Top 18

Add A Print Option To Your Blog Posts

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This is a great option to make available to the readers of your blog.This post shows how to make your blog posts printable and add a print this button above or below the posts.

Top 17

Add Meta Tags And Discription To Your Blog

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In terms of helping you blog rank well on Google this is the most important change you need to make to your blog.

Top 16

Import Your Blog Onto Facebook

Although Facebook do not have a Blog option you can have your blog published on Facebook using notes.This post shows you the steps to import your blogger blog onto Facebook.

Top 15

Allow Readers To Change The Text Size Of Your Blog

It's important you make your blog as easy to navigate and read as possable.This tip shows you how to add a gadget to Blogger that allows readers to change the text size.

Top 14

Submit Two Sitemaps To Google

This post shows you how to create and submit 2 sitemaps to Google to ensure your posts get crawled and indexed.

Top 13

Place AdSense Below Post Titles

The top paying AdSense units on Blogs are usually below the titles on your posts.This post shows you how to place AdSense below your Blogger post titles.

Top 12

Stylish Feedburner Email Rss Forms

The Google owned Feedburner is the top provider of Rss Feeds to the Blogisphere.The Subscribe by Email form they provide however is quiet bland.This post has 5 stylish Email Rss forms for your blog.

Top 11

5 Fast Ways To Get A New Blog Indexed On Google

When you create a new blog you want to get indexed on Google as soon as possable.This post tells you 5 ways you can speed up the process.

Top 10

10 Methods Of Refining Your Writing Technique

Most bloggers are amateurs just writing about their interests.But it's important you write your blog posts in a style readers can understand.This post has 10 great writing tips from a pro blogger.

Top 9

Add A Reply Option To Blogger Comments

One of the things most Blogger would like to see added to Blogger is a reply feature in the comments.This post shows you how to add a reply to the comments yourself.

Top 8

Use A Newspaper Style Large First Letter To Your Blog

This is a very popular Blogger tip and shows you how to use a wrapped large first letter to your posts.

Top 7

Facebook Like Icon For Blogger Blogs

Adding the Facebook Like Icon to your blog allows readers to share your posts with friends with just one click.See how you can add the like icon to different sections of your blog in this post.

Top 6

Add A Discription To Your Blog Titles In Google

Getting your blog ranked and indexed on Google is key to the success of your blog.This post will show you how to add a discription to your post titles that will appear in Google search results.

Top 5

Create A Professional Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

Facebook can realy help your blog grow with millions of potential readers.Anyone can create a Facebook Fan Page for their blog but this post will show you how make it look great and get more fans.

Top 4

How To Use And Customize Related Posts Gadget

When a reader reaches the end of your latest post you dont want them to click away and never be seen again.Adding a related posts gadget to your blog helps keep readers looking through your archive.This post shows you how to add a related posts with thumbnails to Blogger and customize it to suit your blog.

Top 3

Make Your Blog Mobile Ready

More people now use the mobile internet than the normal internet with iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices getting more and more people connected.With that in mind it's important you make your blog available you mobile device users.This tutorial shows how to make a Blogger blog mobile device friendly.

Top 2

Best Image Hover Effects For Blogger

Most blogs use plenty of images with some blogs being almost totally image based.This tutorial shows you how to add cool effects to the pictures and images you use on your blog.

Top 1

Share The Love V2 Sexy Social Bookmarking Gadget

Social bookmarking can have a huge effect on your blog bringing in new visitors.It's vital you provide readers with the options to share your blog with friends.The Share the love bookmark gadget is probably the most popular and effective bookmarking gadget for Blogger.

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