Best Review - Top 20 Things to do Before You Die


had to make my own list of 20 things i would want to do before i die so i can get back to it one day and see how did i do. List could go forever actually, but we can only write 20 things here so here we go...

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Top 1

Make Love on a Plane

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Yes i know. This is probably one of the most common things people would put on their to-do lists, so yeah i'm going to start with it too. If they say it's THAT good, we have to try it out right? YES :D

Top 2

Visit all 7 continents

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...and spend at least 6 months on each and every one.

Top 3

Sky Diving

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Must be a biggest thrill out there. I already did bungee jumping so i believe i would be able to do this one too.

Top 4

Travel to the Moon

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Could happen one day. I hope it won't be too expensive, or better yet, i hope ill make enough money to do this one no matter how much does it cost.

Top 5

Swim With a Dolphin/Shark

I actually did both of it but i was too young to remember the dolphin one.

Top 6

Visit Thailand (Again)

All i'll say about Thailand is ... no words :D

Top 7

Get Married in Las Vegas

This would mean i had a blast that night as there is no way i would do this being sober.

Top 8

Shower in a Waterfall

With someone of course...

Top 9

Spend a Night in a Haunted House - by Yourself

Sounds easy but is it really???

Top 10

Visit Rio During Carnival

Shake them gals... im coming one of these years.

Top 11

Go Back to School

Yeah, impossible one but damn i had a good time back then...

Top 12

Accept Yourself for Who You Are

Easy one as im the smartest and most handsome man alive. No i am not. Yes i am. No.Yes....

Top 13

Go up in a Hot-Air Balloon

For some reason, this one scares me the most when i think about it. I always imagine us in there, without any protection belts, while wind is toying around with the balloon lol. Scary thoughts.

Top 14

Walk Across a Suspension Bridge

Looks great in movies doesn't it? I have to try this one.

Top 15

Run the Rocky Steps - Rocky Style

Most inspirational scene from one of the most inspirational movies ever.

Top 16

Dance With Matt Harding

One the most beautiful videos out there, check it out.

Top 17

Go to Oktoberfest

And get drunk with millions of others.

Top 18

Cruise the Mississippi River - Old River Boat Style

Must be Mark Twain's influence there.

Top 19

Find Your Soulmate

He/She IS out there somewhere, so don't give up on your search.

Top 20

Make Your Own List

Write down at least 10 things you want to do before you die and share it here. Come back from time to time to see if you would add or remove things from your list. Of course, don't forget to really do something or all from your list.

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