Best Review - Top 20 Recipes From One of My Two Most Favorite Cookbooks: Mrs. Fields Cookie Book


t's nice to know there actually is a Mrs. Fields, in contrast to Mrs. Smith...Andy Rooney discovered there is no Mrs. Smith for Mrs. Smith's Pies...Well fyi, our dear Mrs. Fields actually has a blog too...Just wanted to share that little tidbit...But the main reason for me writing this "Top List" is because one of my two most favorite cookbooks is "Mrs. Fields Cookie Book"... And it is literally falling apart and stained a bit from all the mileage we've gotten out of this little puppy...Well anyway, she has packed this little recipe book with all kinds of great desserts...Not just cookies...As a matter of fact, since I am limited to only 20 of her best recipes for this post, I elected to not include her Classic Apple Pie recipe...Boo Hoo... :( ... Yes, I'm very sad that I could only choose 20 of her best recipes...The Mrs. Fields Cookie Book has a color picture of each and every one of her 100 recipes...And she actually includes some how-to photos for select recipes that might be a little more difficult than the basic drop cookie...Well on to what I consider to be the best of the best...

Mrs. Fields Cookie Book
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Top 1

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Yummy!!!...This cookie is sooooo delicious it's perfect warm right out of the oven and then if, and I do mean "IF", you happen to have some left over and they cool off, they are even better...In other words, Mrs. Fields' Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe makes a great tasting cookie that is excellent hot or cold...

Top 2

Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie

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Just by the name of it, you know that it's gonna be good...Everyone in my family except my little peanut allergy daughter really loves this cookie...You can't go wrong making the Soft and Chewy Peanut Butter Cookie recipe and taking it on a picnic...

Top 3

Oatmeal Raisin Chews

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In a word, Delicious!!!...With raisins and walnuts the Oatmeal Raisin Chew cookie recipe is top notch...

Top 4

Pecan Supremes

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Come on now, it has pecans in it...So you know it has to be good...Pecans are my lifetime favorite nut...Maybe having a pecan tree in my back yard growing up had a little to do with my addition...Oh and before I forget to mention it, this recipe has chocolate chips in it too...So how can you go wrong with making the Pecan Supreme cookie recipe???...Not hardly gonna happen...

Top 5

Banana Nut Cookies

I bet all of you banana nut bread fans out there didn't think it was possible...Well leave it to Mrs. Fields to deliver with this recipe...Of course the Banana Nut cookie recipe has walnuts in it, but I bet you weren't expecting chocolate chips too...

Top 6

Nutty White Chunk Cookies

Pecans again combined with smooth and delicious white chocolate chunks, how can this recipe be anything else other than good???...Make a batch of Mrs. Fields Nutty White Chunk Cookies and take it to the office and you will be the hero or heroine of the day!!!

Top 7

Black and Whites

In Jersey this guy I know loved some black and white cookies from Starbucks...But Mrs. Fields' recipe for Black and White cookies is probably better than that...Because this recipe has cocoa powder and chunks from semisweet chocolate and white chocolate bars...Yummy!!!

Top 8


I can tell you first hand these are just as good as they look...With marble swirls like a marble pound cake, Mrs. Fields Marble cookie recipe is a winner!!!

Top 9

Egg Nog Cookies

Tis the season for Egg Nog Cookies...Fa La La La, La La La Laaa!!!...From Mrs. Fields Cookie Book...Fa La La La, La La La Laaa!!!...Just makes ya wanna go caroling, I bet...Now you just have to bake up a batch of these gems to bring to your next function and watch everyone's reaction as that cinnamon, nutmeg and eggnog flavored treat just leaves them begging for more...

Top 10

Lacy Oatmeal Cookies

Crisp and beautiful...Mrs. Fields Lacy Oatmeal cookie recipe is a welcome variation to traditional oatmeal cookies...With a few simple ingredients this recipe should yield eight dozen cookies...Wow!!!...I can't say that that would be enough for my hungry bunch...

Top 11

Chocolate Glazed Shortbread Cookies

A simple shortbread cookie recipe which Mrs. Fields makes extraordinary with the twist of a chocolate glaze...Make fans out of all your in-laws when you bring Chocolate Glazed Shortbread cookies to the next family function...

Top 12

Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookies

Just the name alone is enough to make you want some, I'm sure...Everybody loves cinnamon sugar toast, especially my kids...So just imagine how completely crazy they are about Mrs. Fields Cinnamon Sugar Butter Cookie recipe...It's simply marvelous...

Top 13

Gingerbread Men

Once again here's a right on time recipe from Mrs. Fields...Roll out the dough and cut out those little fellas...And get your kids to come help with the decorating...You can't go wrong, because they will be so proud of what they've created...And to top it off, they'll be the most popular kid at school that day...The only downside I see is that you might get roped into to baking for more school functions all the time...

Top 14

Brown Sugar Shortbread

This is one of the first "fancy" cookies that I made from my Mrs. Fields Cookie Book (back when it was new and not falling apart...LOL)...Just plain delicious...You knew I just had to try it when I saw that it had chocolate and PECANS!!!...The Brown Sugar Shortbread cookie recipe is just super, super good!!!...

Top 15

Jessica's Marshmallow Clouds

Another family favorite of ours...With cocoa powder, chocolate chips AND marshmallows, you know that my kids want to make this recipe all the time...Jessica's Marshmallow Cloud cookie recipe is a winner any day of the week...

Top 16

Lemon Cream-Filled Cookies

A lemon sandwich cookie recipe that delivers a sweet and tangy blast to your taste buds and is simple to prepare...This recipe will get you rave reviews...Mrs. Fields Lemon Cream-Filled Cookie recipe will leave your family and friends speechless because you took the time to make it just for them...

Top 17

Triple-Layered Lemon Bars

Let's keep rolling with the lemon theme with this melt-in-your-mouth selection...This is a recipe that you will want to make for someone extra special...Now my husband likes a good lemon meringue pie and this cookie bar from Mrs Fields would be something he could definitely go for...One of these days, I am going to tackle this project, but I'll have to double the recipe so that we can all get a little taste...

Top 18

Pecan Pie Bars

Now I'm sure you know why I included this recipe in my top list...And you are right...It has PECANS!!!...Being that I'm from the south, you know that I love a good and tasty pecan pie...Who doesn't???...Well Mrs. Fields has got you covered with this one...The only thing is, I don't see how you would get away with making just one...Double the recipe and taste a little extra for WAHM Shelley...Don't worry about the calories...This list is not for the dieters amongst us anyway...Have fun!!!...Live a little and enjoy your Pecan Pie Bars too...

Top 19

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Now outside of the number one listed Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, this is probably the recipe that I've made the most of...Why??? ...Cause you can't make it to the Cheesecake Factory anytime you like...So you just have to put in a little elbow grease and make your own...And I can tell you for sure that Mrs. Fields batted this one out of the park... Her Chocolate Chip Cheesecake recipe is easy to make and delicious too... Don't pass this one up...Make it this weekend as a companion to your Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip cookies...

Top 20

Carrot Cake

It was a tough call...I was limited to only 20 favorite recipes...And as I stated earlier, I decided to leave out Mrs. Fields Classic Apple Pie recipe in favor of all these others...But don't fret, once you grab your own copy of Mrs. Fields Cookie Book you will have all the details on the other 80 recipes that you might like to try...This Carrot Cake recipe is a very good one because it has raisins, pineapples and walnuts...But what puts the icing on the cake literally is the recipe that's included within this recipe...Try this recipe along with all the others and come back and let us know just how good and easy these delectable desserts were to make...Your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances will all thank you...Bake, eat and
be merry!!!...

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wahmshelley's picture

Well, C Kennedy, let me tell

Well, C Kennedy, let me tell you first can not go wrong with any of these recipes...I only pulled out 20, but the book has 100 really great recipes...Take your pick and enjoy!!!

Thanks for the comment...

WAHM Shelley...