Best Review - Top 20 Melodic Hard Rock Songs to Listen To


've always been a big fan of melodic hard rock because of the music and the melody. Since the late 80s, hard rock creates some of the best music in the last 30 years. The 2000s and even 2010s have built great artist that I highly recommend to listen. Definitely listen to other songs by these artists listed below. Only one song per artist on this list.

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Top 1

Hot Cherie by Hardline

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Great song by a band that should've blow up in the early 90s. Introduction of a great vocalist, Johnny Gioeli and showcasing guitar work of Neal Schon from Journey. This song is actually a cover song for the band Streetheart, but Hardline's version is 10x better than the original version. The chorus will have you sing along and get stuck in your head; it's catchy as heck like their other songs from the album "Double Eclipse".

Top 2

Sinking Ship by Harem Scarem

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A band that's been around since the early 90s, Harem Scarem are going strong and better than ever. They provide so many amazing songs in their catalog. This one is my favorite. Infectious melody with a catchy chorus and music arrangement from beginning to end. It rocks hard with amazing riff in the beginning by Pete Lesperance and vocals by Harry Hess. "United" is the record that the song came from. Give it a listen.

Top 3

Take Another Shot at My Heart by Icon

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Icon is a band that didn't go anywhere back in the 80s. This song could've been their hit and create success. Catchy music with the chorus provide vocal melody and it is so good that it sounds like a radio hit now.

Top 4

Beautiful Life Khymera

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One of the best songs I've heard first listen. The lyrics provide a spiritual message rather than the usual romance. Dennis Ward is a genius and the production and sound of the record is fantastic. Try listen to this song one pitch down, it still sounds great. Other songs from the album "The Greatest Wonder" sounds amazing.

Top 5

Forever Now by Sunstorm

Joe Lynn Turner's voice sounds better now than it did back when he sang with the band, Rainbow. This song sounds like a soundtrack song or a theme song of a romance kind of movie. The melody is too good it gets stuck in your head. The chorus is great and the song easily sounds like a radio hit. Listen to other songs from the album "House of Dreams".

Top 6

Whenever I’m Dreaming by One Desire

Best description of this song is a summer hit song(it should've been) with an infectious chorus that could compete with other songs you hear on radio now. Although the vocals got help with autotune, it still sounds great. At best this is a pop rock song and this song still sounds great with one pitch up and one pitch down. This band is from Finland by the way. Listen to their debut album.

Top 7

I Will Wait by Lionville

If you like keyboard driven song with an 80s Survivor or Journey kind of vibe, then this song is for you. Love the verse and the chorus to make you want to sing along and bop your head as to other songs on this list. Great vocals, great arrangement, and interplay between guitar and keyboard. Not band from a band in Italy. This is off from the album "A World of Fools"

Top 8

Unbroken by Clif Magness

Very recent entry on this list. This song blew me away when I first listen to this song. Another song with potential on being a radio or FM hit. The lyrics is motivating by saying that be unbroken in spirit and self growth. The music is a great mix between hard guitar, drum, bass, and keyboard sound and pop vocal style.

Top 9

Streets of Fire by Place Vendome

Power metal is spreading all over this song. It creates a climax or setting of an adventure scene. Motivation as if you're being thrown in a battlefield. A survivor kind of song and the mix between keyboard and typical hard rock instruments. The vocals of Michael Kiske bringing that Bruce Dickinson or Geoff Tate type of style. Helloween meets AOR sound. This is an anthem of fighters.

Top 10

I Come Alive by Blanc Faces

This is a great opening to the record of this group. A driven song that also sounds like an FM radio or summer hit. Clean vocals, clear production, and AOR influenced sounds. The catchiness of the music is worth the listen as well as other songs on the album "Falling From The Moon".

Top 11

The Downfall of Eden by Eclipse

This band is a great example of a modern melodic hard rock. Consist of great vocals, guitar work, drum and bass play, clear production, and AOR quality to it. One of their finest songs from the album "Monumentum".

Top 12

Star of Sirrah by Ayreon

Great song featuring many vocalists from Dream Theater to Blind Guardian. This is a concept song that set place in the post-apocalyptic utopia. It almost sounds like music told in narration. Guitar work and many vocal performance make up a great song.

Top 13

Time Will Tell by Fifth Angel

One of the most criminally underrated band of the 80s. Their second record "Time Will Tell" is a great album with amazing songs. The song provides a great sound quality, melodic vocals, and guitar work. This band should be up with other bands that had success in the 80s. Great band and a great second record that deserve to be recognized.

Top 14

We Built This House by Scorpions

Could've pick countless songs by the mighty Scorpions. I've decided to pick their recent record "Return to Forever" because it deserve some love. This song truly represent what the band stood for since 1965 when they formed. It include their formula, hard rock guitar, bass, and drum sound, and melodic vocal. Melody and hard rock sound since the 1970s is what makes Scorpions one of the best bands ever. The song is a philosophy that every band should go through.

Top 15

Looking For You by Don Barnes

After being repressed in the music world since 1989, the record was finally released and it was worth the wait. Don Barnes, from the band 38 Special, provide a record where he shines as a solo artist. The song in particular is a great AOR song that if it haven't been hidden for that long, it could've been a radio hit in 1989. It also features members of Toto which is why it sounds like 38 Special meets Toto.

Top 16

Pickin Up the Pieces by Tokyo Motor Fist

Great song with Ted Poley from Danger Danger on vocals. This is a rock-driven song that sounded great. It just rock.

Top 17

Endangered by Treat

Just listen to the chorus including the phrase "Finders Keeper, Loser Weeper".

Top 18

Let’s Start Something by Ted Poley

Ted Poley appears twice on this list. This time as a solo artist. Love the guitar work in the beginning and the chorus that sound like an anthem stadium song.

Top 19

Springfield by Anathema

If you think instrumental song cannot be melodic or sound great? Listen to this song and think again.

Top 20

Higher by Smash Into Pieces

Interesting song with vocals sounding like Nickelback but the atmosphere of the song is like being in a world of Tron.

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Rock on to these songs. They might be your favorite song. Listen to other songs by these artist because they're amazing.

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