Best Review - Top 20 List of the Highly Paid Google AdSense Keywords


hese top 20 highest paying keywords on this list of 25 top paying Google AdSense or AdWords keywords are based on the highest paying Google Ads.for the year 2011. If you own / run a website, write a blog, article, or the lens, then you certainly should have, at some point in time. thought of using the issues that relate to the highest paid keywords. But honestly speaking, I would not recommend it to write their blogs based on keywords. The reason is that the key word 'consciousness' spoil their originality and will miss the natural flow in the writings of his blog. If you base your writings, not keywords, automatically get the value of his writings through sources other than "sources of keywords to find ', and this added value will be much more durable. However, there are other means of SEO to improve its position in the blogs in the eyes of search engines. And yet you need to know the keywords AdSense payment, then it can be seen from the keyword tool with your Google AdSense account. Some bloggers or webmasters simply can not afford to ignore the use of "oh so hot" keywords in your website or blog. In addition, you can search for "everyday" updated list of keywords by using the words key best ", the main keywords from Google Adsense and Adwords, keyword hot, 10 Keywords highly paid.

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Top ads 0
Top 1


Best ads 0

54.91 $

Top 2


Best Review 6813

47.12 $

Top 3


Best Review 6813

47.07 $

Top 4


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Best ads 1

44.28 $

Top 5


Best ads 2

41 $

Top 6


40.08 $

Top 7


40.01 $

Top 8


39.8 $

Top 9


37.8 $

Top 10


36.5 $

Top 11

Conference Call

34.5 $

Top 12


32 $

Top 13


31.7 $

Top 14


30.9 $

Top 15


29.65 $

Top 16


26.58 $

Top 17


25.79 $

Top 18


24.39 $

Top 19


23.73 $

Top 20

Cord Blood

22.85 $

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EsotericArticles's picture

I think one of the things to

I think one of the things to remember here is that individual bids may not be that high. These numbers are based on highest bids, not necessarily average cost per click. Nice article anyway though.

a visitor's picture

Wow that's incredible. Up to

Wow that's incredible. Up to 55$ for one click ist crazy.
Thanks for sharing this informations with us.