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hereby introduce you to 20 websites where the visual artist, writer, web and multimedia developer JoachimArtist shows his work and life. He is in business for over 30 years. His work was in numerous shows all over the world, and he won several prizes for as well: his art, writings, web developments and multimedia creations

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the Website

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a constantly updated website, where you can follow Joachim's work, where you can find his background and achievements

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Views of an artist and writer. Here you can read his blogs, see his works, and best of all: a combination of both

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For anyone who's interested in Internet and the future, this is a must-go page. Joachim's strong views. He predicted in the past, and was already proven right today!

Top 4

JoachimArtist on LinkedIn

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Find his summary and over 2000 professional contacts on this site

Top 5

JoachimArtist on Chiliwire

The new social medium, not only to show of (like on Facebook), but real participation. Not only a member of a community, but also of a company

Top 6

JoachimArtist on Facebook

His personal page counts over a thousand friends, shows over a hundred of his artworks, spread over 20 communities he participates in

Top 7

JoachimArtist on Twitter

Follow him on Twitter and join the 700 who already do. Read his opinions and posts from all over the Internet

Top 8

JoachimArtist on YouTube

Only a couple of small films posted yet. He is till working on a collection to post, but he is carefull not having his best work stolen

Top 9

JoachimArtist on Art-Profiles

Visit this community which is far more then a portfolio. A site like a group-exhibition, where it is actually possible to buy some fine pieces of art

Top 10

JoachimArtist on Leapdirect

the direct leap to a world of art. See for yourself, buy, or just enjoy

Top 11

JoachimArtist on Flickr

The photo-site where he posts on a regular base. Several series of digital art, for sale, or not for sale

Top 12

Gallery meet Artist

A fantastic online oppotunity for art-exhibition, where he has his own place to show and share

Top 13

A meetingplace for Artist

Where artists meet and share, change and discuss idea's. An initiative of Rosello Damiano, which attracted hunbdreds of artists so far

Top 14

JoachimArtist on Artilinki

The largests portfolio-site on the Net, where he posts his work since 2011. A large overview, and a lot of information in combination with the contacts built up

Top 15

JoachimArtist on Behance

the gallery cooperation of LinkedIn. A fantastic opportunity for reaching a broader public

Top 16

the Adweek Talent Gallery

A numerous amount of talents are spotted here, with a world-wide impact for press and media

Top 17

Het Ritsjas Gevoel

The only place where his debute-novel "het Ritsjas Gevoel" can be bought. The edition, so far, is only available in Dutch

Top 18

the Wanderbach Illustrations

The total collection of illustrations created for his fantasy story "Wanderbach", here to see and to like on Facebook

Top 19

the "Ritsjas" page on Facebook

Originally created for "het Ritsjas Gevoel" Today as an introduction for the artist Joachim, and to like his work

Top 20

JoachimArtist on Pulpfictie

Six stories in Dutch to vote for, but read them first...

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It is a summary of importance, surely because of his contributions to the Internet, and his opinion of the future, and where this medium will bring us all.

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