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home isn't just a shelter; it's your canvas! It should reflect the people who live in it. Take time to endow your home with beauty and elegance.These pages will help you find the perfect style, color, and decoration for your home.

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Blue Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

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Everything blue for a blue kitchen! Surround yourself with blue appliances, blue decorations, blue dishes, and blue kitchen tools of all kinds.

Top 2

Butterfly Gallery

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Butterfly enthusiast? Explore this large selection of Butterfly Artworks and Gifts including home decor, posters, books, and more!

Top 3

Blue Danube Dishes

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If you are looking for the unique and exquisite pattern of Blue Danube china dishes, then this page is perfect for you! You can also buy these sought after blue Danube dishes here on the page. Accessories and some pretty blue art posters are available here too!

Top 4

Beautiful Art from Richard Burns

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Richard Burns' artworks reflect strong passion and dedication for nature and life. Amazed by lighthouses and cottages, Richard Burns has also added these images to his collection. Now is your chance to own these terrific artworks!

Top 5

Lighthouse Gallery

With their unique and intriguing structure, lighthouses are simply fascinating. If you have an affinity for these wonderful structures, this page is full of wonders for you.

Top 6

Angel Store

All angel items are offered here for certified angel lovers! Choose from this great selection of angel books, ornaments, accessories and many more angel related items.

Top 7

Unique Cookie Jars

These unique cookie jars may be all you need to store your fabulous and tasty cookies! Delightful cookie recipes are available here too.

Top 8

Holiday Wreaths

Wreaths make a perfect decoration for Christmas and other holidays. Make your own or buy a ready made wreath here. Wreath posters are also offered on this page.

Top 9

Peacock Gallery

Peacocks are simply captivating! Indulge your eyes with the sight of this variety of peacock displays. Peacock gifts are also included.

Top 10

Peacock Gifts

With their colorful and elegant look, peacocks are absolutely breathtaking to watch! Give this amazing sight of peacocks to your loved ones. Shop from this selection of spectacular peacock gift ideas.

Top 11

Butterfly Meadow by Lenox China

Lenox Butterfly Meadow features a wide array of captivating butterfly designs. You will love seeing all the different butterflies!

Top 12

Fairy Gifts

Fairies are regarded as magical guardians, making this a perfect gift for someone you truly care about. Show your loved ones how much you care by giving these fantastic fairy gifts! In addition, if you like to surround your home with fairies, these fairy posters will do the trick.

Top 13

Swan Gifts

It is easy to see why many people love swans. Swans symbolize everlasting love! Give your loved ones these fantastic swan gifts to show much you love them! Here are a variety of unique gift ideas with swans.

Top 14

Butterfly Gifts

Isn't it amazing how a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly? This metamorphosis symbolizes 'new life'. Celebrate new life with a friend or a family member by giving butterfly themed gifts!

Top 15

Lighthouse Gifts

Lighthouses symbolize hope amidst darkness and despair. Bring hope to you and your loved ones with these lighthouse gifts!

Top 16

Easy Holiday Decorating

Spruce up your home and make it sparkle for the holiday season with these simple and cheap ways to decorate your home!

Top 17

Dolphin Gifts

Shop everything under the sea for certified dolphin lovers! Here is a wide selection of enchanting collectibles and gifts with a dolphin theme.

Top 18

Jewelry Boxes and Cabinets

Looking for something unique for a very special lady? Well look no more. These jewelry boxes and cabinets would be perfect for her! These items come in different styles and types. She will think of you every time she stashes her jewelry.

Top 19

Wall Masks

Fashionable and elegant masks for your walls! Browse from this huge selection of masks.From Venetian to Primitive, many different types are displayed. You can even buy simple masks for a party.

Top 20

Chocolate Fountains For Sale

Chocolate fountains have become one of the most requested additions to any party. They provide chocolate, but also a centerpiece! This site provides a variety of elegant and attractive chocolate fountains for sale, at a surprising affordable price.

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Well there you have it, 20 sites to help you find a gift or a theme to decorate your home. Some people even like to use a different theme in every room. These sites should help. Enjoy!

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cceerpp's picture

I like what you said, "A home

I like what you said, "A home isn't just a shelter; it's your canvas! " Nice decor sites. Keep it up.


Heather426's picture

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!