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ou can find such top lists everywhere. What does it means exactly? These keywords are taken from Adwords, they are the highest bid that some advertisers are ready to pay for a single click. So some Adsense publishers are interested in them because they want to get the most money out of a click. The problem is that those keywords have a lot of competition between webmasters and also that the price advertisers are ready to pay is on the search engine, not on the AdSense publishers network of sites. And as you might know, Google gives 68% of the money paid by advertisers back to publishers.. The list reads like this:
Keyword -- Monthly searches -- Bid

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Top 20

life insurance quotes -- 10,000 -- $ 14.63

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You can put any kind of services and append "quotes" after it and the price of the keyword will rise a little, because people looking for quotes are interesting in buying, so it's highly targeted traffic for the advertisers.

Top 19

day trading -- 12,000 -- $ 14.85

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It is simply to buy and sell financial instruments within the same trading day.

Top 18

roth ira -- 35,000 -- $ 15.32

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What is a Roth IRA you may ask, I asked myself the same question, it is in fact an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) which is named on the late Senator William Roth who was its chief legislative sponsor.

Top 17

debt consolidation -- 66,000 -- $ 16.35

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This is bad. When you have debt from many sources, you can have one company to buy the debts for you and then you have a big debt to pay back to this company. Is there a way out of debt? Yes but it's long and difficult. Debts are easier to get (loans) than to pay back.

Top 16

online backup -- 10,000 -- $ 16.53

It's simply a service which gives you space online to store files and folders. It's also called a remote backup service. Of course there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing an online backup company, and this topic deserves a top 10 of the best online back offers. Do YOU want to do it? Not me, not yet...

Top 15

term life insurance -- 23,000 -- $ 16.58

If you have money, you might want to read about that, otherwise it's really a boring topic, I don't see myself writing articles after articles about it, but if I could there's money to be made if you happen to like this topic and become an expert in it.

Top 14

online schools -- 10,000 -- $ 16.73

An online school is also called a virtual school or cyberschool. It is when you don't want or can't relocate to a proper school and want to get an online diploma instead. School fees are often high, that's why it's worth it for them to pay good money for clicks.

Top 13

online degree -- 10,000 -- $ 18.12

No you can't buy an online degree, you have to register to an online college first, then study hard, then you'll eventually get your online degree :-)

Top 12

forex trading -- 44,000 -- $ 18.58

Forex means in fact FOReign EXchange market, it is also called FX or currency market. It is only playing with the variations between currencies. Like I buy 1,000 euros with 1,300 US Dollars and when the euro become stronger I sell it back and end up with more dollars. And you rince and repeat. But of course you have software to do that for you, you simply set markers, saying if the euro goes this up then sell it. After you can add many other conditions, like if the euro goes this up AND the progression has been more than 20% in the last hour then sell it, otherwise do nothing and wait. That's a fun game also.

Top 11

online trading -- 10,000 -- $ 19.14

Online trading is developing quickly since 2000 because that's a cool way to play at home and make money at the same time. Personally that's another thing I'm not interested in but I understand it can be good fun. Investing online, or self-directed investing, has become the norm for individual investors and traders over the past decade with many, if not all brokers now offering online services with unique trading platforms. I once met a guy named Ryan, an american guy, in a beer bar in Pattaya / Jomtien / Thailand who came regularly, about every two days, to the same bar with his netbook and was doing it's online trading while chatting with the girls. That's the internet lifestyle :-)

Top 10

online colleges -- 15,000 -- $ 19.53

Colleges fees are high. Online colleges fees are certainly lower and following a distance education is convenient to be able to get a degree without having to move to another city or state.

Top 9

factoring -- 15,000 -- $ 19.72

Still in finance sector, that's where the money is.. Basically it is selling something in exchange for cash in the business settings. It involves 3 parties, the rest is beyond me and if you're interested go check WikiPedia :-)

Top 8

life insurance -- 100,000 -- $ 20.19

It's a contract meant to give a beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of the insured. It is also used to block money in an account and that money will be given back with interests at the end of the contract if the insured is not dead.

Top 7

email marketing -- 18,000 -- $ 21.53

It is simply a form of direct marketing which uses email to communicate to an audience. More generally it is within Internet Marketing which is abbreviated as IM. It is very popular in work-at-home people who promote affiliate programs via internet marketing.

Top 6

cheapest car insurance -- 10,000 -- $ 23.24

Insurance for vehicles is mandatory, so why not look for the cheapest one?

Top 5

general auto insurance -- 230,000 -- $ 25.07

Always the same thing, insurance is BIG I tell you :-)

Top 4

cheap car insurance -- 18,000 -- $ 30.10

Car insurance is the same as auto insurance (spoiler: see #1) and it's just a synonym of auto, no surprise here. People are looking for the cheapest one because it is mandatory to be insured when driving a car, but most people don't have an accident for years or sometimes for a lifetime, and still they have to pay for insurance and will never see their money again.

Top 3

car insurance -- 150,000 -- $ 32.46

Car insurance is the same as auto insurance (spoiler: see #1) and it's just a synonym of auto, no surprise here either.

Top 2

cheap auto insurance -- 15,000 -- $ 34.80

Many people are looking for the cheapest auto insurance to cover the minimum legal so insurance companies are bidding on "cheap auto insurance" but are they really the cheapest, well the costs of advertising have to be paid by someone :-)

Top 1

auto insurance -- 120,000 -- $ 38.49

Vehicule insurance is mandatory in developed countries and can be costly depending on the price of your car or motorbike and your past accident history, so auto insurance companies are willing to pay good money in order to get contracts.

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This list can be used as reference but you need to know that many people are trying to use those high paying keywords but finally fail to earn any money. The main reason is that it is very hard to get traffic to one's site when there is so much competition between webmasters on the first page of Google (with only 10 spots) and that eventually you will abandon your site/blog because you don't get any return for your hard work and because those topics are simply boring if you're interested in them only for the money and not by prior experience or because your job/passion involves writing about those topics. What you should do at most is to create a top 10 list about each topic, like the top 10 online schools or the top 10 email marketing tips, but don't waste much more time on those and certainly don't make a blog/site about them because it will never rank high enough in the search engines, there are very good webmasters out there and so it's better to aim for less competitive and more trafficked topics.
So a bit of advice: Don't Chase Keywords, Chase Traffic. Just my 2c. Traffic is Money.

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exinco's picture

thanks for this list. i was

thanks for this list. i was monitor this keywords before and it's really worth for adsense publisher.
i hope that this top will keep update in the future.

poddys's picture

Good list. It definitely

Good list. It definitely pays to write about things in the finance sector on a blog, because the adverts that are brought in are generally higher paying, plus the chances of getting found on Google are higher.

I wonder how well this Top Review will rank, considering you have the Top 20 Google Adsense Keywords listed?

EsotericArticles's picture

I would love it if you told,

I would love it if you told, in an article perhaps, how you developed your list.

jharris's picture

Nice list and are you going

Nice list and are you going to do another list but a category?

Alliax's picture

@EsotericArticles & @jharris:

@EsotericArticles & @jharris: I just took it from a forum post, or just googled for highest paying keywords and used the first result. It is not important it is simply a test top, after I wrote a few stupid things in the description of each keyword and now you think it is serious, but not at all. :-)
You can do other similar tops about adsense keywords and simply talk about each keyword in the list, you'll have your top done.

@poddys: I'm not monitoring individual tops such as this one, so I don't know how well it ranks in terms of traffic or ad earnings. It probably has some search engine traffic and probably higher ad CPC than the average CPC of the site.

@exinco: you can create a similar top if you want, it's easy.

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Thank you this was

Thank you this was informative. I will recommend Best Reviewer!

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It is a pity that you do not

It is a pity that you do not have this information though, because I am curious as to how people acquire these lists. I would like to find a more accurate, full list, that I can browse down.