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hese Top 20 Finance Tips are guaranteed to help you to find ways to save money. You will get tips on creating a budget that you can live with. You will also get tips on how to earn more money online and offline.

Many people are looking for the best ways to manage their money. Every dollar that you can save, is another dollar you will have to use later. It can be there for emergencies or help you to achieve a major goal. Whether your salary is large or small, you can maximize what you have to achieve your goals.

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Top 1

Create a Budget

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Create a Budget you can live with and manage your expenses more easily.

Top 2

Cut Your Business Expenses

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Cut Your Business Expenses and have more to reinvest in your business.

Top 3

Using Your Home

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Be Careful When Using Your Home as an asset.

Top 4

Plan for Retirement

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Plan for Retirement, you won’t regret it.

Top 5

Get a Fuel Efficient Car

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Get a Fuel Efficient Car and save money on gas. Learn which motor cars are the best models for good mileage.

Top 6

Save on Car Insurance

Save on Car Insurance with these tips. Lots of discounts are available but you have to ask for them.

Top 7

Have Fun for Free

Have Fun for Free and cut the amount of money you spend on entertainment, while still having a good time.

Top 8

Cheap Apartment

Find a Cheap Apartment or negotiate a lower rent.

Top 9

Lending Money to a Friend

Lending Money to a Friend can help to get them through a rough spot. Here are some questions to ask before you lend money.

Top 10

Switching Careers

Will Switching Careers give you the financial and personal satisfaction you crave?

Top 11

Stop Foreclosure

Are you Facing Foreclosure? Here are some tips on how to stop it.

Top 12

Due Diligence

Use a Due Diligence checklist to determine your risk before making any major investment with your hard earned money.

Top 13

Snag a Job

Snag a Job part time and earn extra money to meet your expenses.

Top 15

Child Care Tax Credits

Are you a parent or the guardian of a minor? You can save money with Child Care Tax Credits.

Top 16

Buy and Sell Books

Buy and Sell Books and make money online.

Top 17

Make Extra Money

Make Extra Money with refurbished desktop computers.

Top 18

Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips to help you save more money.

Top 19


Barter online or with people in your community to cut down on the need to use cash.

Top 20

Treasury Bills

Learn about the benefits of investing in Treasury Bills, tax free.

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