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ou have fashion and style questions and need answers. Look no further! The return of high hair is here with chic, conservative, vintage styles along with how to pick a holiday dress and shoes. Is your winter coat sexy? You can be fit and fabulous at any age, especially when you turn fifty. Of course, you would prefer not to dress manly and desire to know the colors and styles men shun.

Your Fashion and Style Quesitons Answered with Care
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Top 1

How to Look Elegant Naturally

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Truthfully, makeup is not what defines you! You can look gorgeous without it, for sure, once you feel positive about your appearance. The first thing to look stunning is to have great hygiene, brush and floss your teeth in the morning, take a shower, comb your hair and put on trendy clothes.

Top 2

How to Be Fit and Fabulous at Fifty?

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Don’t worry; being fit and fabulous at fifty shouldn't be too much of a big deal, if you have the right attitude! Remember, your age doesn't define you, only your outlook on life does. At fifty, there are certain things you perhaps will not ever attempt to wear, like a bikini, for instance.

Top 3

How to Pick a Dress Like Kate Middleton

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The holidays offer quality moments with family and friends, and of course; you want to fit in and look glamorous. You never want to wear the same outfit you wore to last year’s celebrations ever! This means you must shop for a befitting garment that’s stunning and makes you feel beautiful every year.

Top 4

How to Choose a Wig?

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Wearing a wig is a science all in itself and not just any type of wig will do. You need to consider the hues of your complexion and original hair color. The hair color of your wig should match your skin tone and more.

Top 5

How to Revamp Your Personal Fashion Style?

Women are the heartbeat of the world and at times they wear colorful clothes that are outdated. Make your clothes work for you when you have nothing to wear.

Top 6

How to Love Your Looks

With the winter weather fast approaching, fashion designers are scuttling to keep their sexy new coat styles on department store racks, which are selling like hot cakes. The most attractive winter coat styles are at the knee and composed of wool; cashmere and wool blend in vivid hues of blues, yellows, oranges, purples and reds,

Top 7

Ladies, Will You Dress Up Today?

Believe this or not, but many popular fashion designers are pushing an androgyny trend, in which women tend to dress more like men, and men dress feminine. This means women will be wearing Mens blouses and jackets that have shouldered pads along with baggy, wide legged pants and sturdy shoes. For those of us who love our female side, this fad will not hold water.

Top 8

Style Mishaps to Make You Say, "Oh No!"

Well, we all typically have our best days when we’re prim and put together and at times not so good days from carelessness. You’ll need to check your chic, if your clothes don’t fit you or worst yet if you carry a slight body odor from eating too much garlic, or bad breath from smoking.

Top 9

A Hairstyle and New Attire for a Snow Drift Makeover!

The New Year is the ideal time to comb through your closets and set aside old clothes to make room for fresh styles. Pick out the outfits you've religiously worn that have loose buttons and tears. Put them in a pile and either take them to the tailor or get rid of them. If you can’t fix them, it’s no use wearing old, ragged clothes this year.

Top 10

Of course, designer Jason Wu won’t be showing off his tailored first lady’s secrets to the universe! However, you can bet he can’t wait for Michelle Obama’s red inaugural ball dress to break on display in the White House’s treasured museum.

Top 11

How to a Create a Modest, Conservative Look?

Women simply have a dilemma when searching for modest, conservative clothing. It looks like mostly all designers’ hedge on creating plunging necklines, short skirts above the knees, and exposed backs with bare bellies. It can certainly be a chore in seeking to dress fairly conservatively in appearing fashionable.

Top 12

How to Wear Skirts That Strike?

Gone are the days of the mini skirt. Today’s ladies typically look for becoming skirts and boy, there is a plethora of new skirt styles to choose. Just to name a few styles, there is the ruffled, pencil, rag with crinkle and even a tapered grass skirt. Each one is unique and suits all sorts of occasions.

Top 13

How to Color Coordinate Clothes for Work?

Looking professional, is the game, when it comes, to a job, in an office setting. You ought to want to make a lasting impression that is equally attractive. Your choice of clothing does say a lot about you and the type of person you are. And I’m sure you want your clothes that reflect the best of your personality

Top 14

Why You Should Wear a Hat?

A hat is always a joy to wear unless you're bothered by hat hair, but if your hair is fresh and bouncy; your hairdo should easily spring back, when you run your fingers through your pretty locks and fluff it out or comb it into to your lovely hairstyle.

Top 15

Attractive Gray Hairstyles

Most young women dread the time when their hair starts turning gray. These Misses associate grayish hair with being tired or too sophisticated. In today’s modern era, gray hairstyles are making a popular comeback from the Renaissance Era; thanks to celebrities who are not opposed to flaunting the natural expression of their hair even when it’s quite gray such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Meryl Streep, and Emmylou Harris.

Top 16

Classy and Vogish Bags for Women

Today, handbags with long straps are outdated, and sturdy looking bags with shorter straps are in ladies. This new chic, contrary to the arm length handbags of the eighties fashion, allows you to store your treasured knick knacks all together.

Top 17

Wild and Wacky Celebrity Styles!

Celebrities know intuitively they must make a lasting impression, and thus drive the character of fashion and lifestyle worldwide, especially for gullible young folk. With this in mind, why have they deliberately steered the fashion world into styles that are uncanny and off-the-wall? Certain celebrities lead a distasteful way, to say the least?

Top 18

Are You Wearing the Trendy Royal Fashion Pace Setter Style?

When fashion trends are set, they come about from people who are in the limelight. With the royal glittering spring wedding right on our doorstep of reality, Kate Middleton is creating mystifying fashion strives from her glaring beauty with intriguing life aspirations from fashion designers who wishfully dream to turn her into a mimicked model of the late Princess Diana.

Top 19

How to Wear a Formal Dress?

Purchasing a formal dress and gown for a black-tie event shouldn't take a giant bite out of your pocket if you know how to shop for your specific knockout dress. You need first to consider your overall body shape, and then get a strict dress that makes you happy and looks impressive.

Top 20

The Return of High Hair

High hair and chic dos are the flair of today’s fashion craze, and women are having a grand old time devising new modes to pinning up their hair to keep up with attractive styles. French women have always loved to wear their hair in a chignon, and looked timeless in the process.

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You are unique and your style is your own, why not look the best you can be. Now, you know which fashion mishaps will make you say oh No! Skirts make a lasting impression and so does color coordinated clothes. Dress accordingly everyday and forever make a grand entrance everywhere you go!

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