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ithout a doubt Christmas will come every year. It can be a joyous time or a time of pain and sorrow. Several years ago I use to work with a Suicide Prevention Agency in my state. It would never fail that each and every Christmas I would get calls from desperate, lonely individuals with little or no hope left to carry then though the season.

I would pray with and for them. I would also give them some positive and encouraging tips to help them throughout the day or night and hopefully the rest of their lives.

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"Talk To Someone"

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I have a neighbor...

Top 2

"Visit With Friends"

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Who knows you better...

Top 3

"Get A Pet"

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Dog, cat, bird....

Top 5

"Pick A Theme Song"

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Play your song daily...

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Please reach out and help someone in need this holiday season. Your kindness just may be the inspiration he or she needs to make it through another day, another week, another year of being a hopeful, happier, healthier, productive human being, who in turn one day may help another or others do the same.

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