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BProAds is the first product I bought in a very long time. I bought it because I wanted to have contextual ads for clickbank products. Before I was using Clickbank's HopAd Builder, but on 23rd July 2012 they announced they would terminate it, and then they gave the date of 4th September for the final date.
So I bought the lifetime membership at CBProAds and I've used their contextual widget and a bit of custom coding to put in the widget the keywords related to each pages of my sites automatically.

But in fact cbproads has several other benefits which at first I was not interested by, really all I wanted was a replacement for HopAd Builder, and one of those benefits are the Storefront, main stream (all products) and niche (only products in a particular topic) which are full featured websites that you can send visitors to and if they like a product they see and buy it, you get the clickbank commission.
Sounds good, no? Well I'll surely use it at some point, but now I just want to show you 20 of them, starting with the main stream one, so you can have an idea of how they look like.

promote products without a website
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Main Stream Storefront

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Here you have all Clickbank products, their marketplace, with better description, written for buyers, not for affiliates. It is the same principle used in all niche storefronts from cbproads..

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Colon Cleansing

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I've never done it, I've read that it may be good for the body and I've read also that it can damage the body. In any case, having a tube in the rectum and water put into my intestine and then sucked up with all the shit while someone massage my belly is not something I look forward to experience, but obviously some people enjoy it and that's fine!

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I don't have any tattoo but I've seen many on other people, I know a lot more people with at least one tattoo than people who told me they've been for a colon cleansing session..
Even my mom has a tattoo and my father too. But my brother and I don't have any yet, and we're not so young anymore..

Top 4

Body Detox

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Some stuff about cleaning the body.. I don't know really, I think that only dirty people need to clean themselves, hahaha!

Top 5

Keyword Spy Tools

This is about finding keywords which are (maybe) profitable.. I use Google Insights to know which keywords are the most searched for online and that's more than enough for me, I know about what other things I should be looking for, like how many competition there is between webmasters for those keywords, but I don't care, something is better than nothing.. And I'm not about perfection, as you can see..

Top 6

Credit Repair

This is for people who took a credit, well a lot of credits, and then ask for another credit which takes all the other credits and put them into one.. I don't like credit anyway..

Top 7


Forex is only about buying currencies when they're low and then selling them when they're high.. It's a way to make money, often people use software and triggers, so that everything is done automatically following their own strategy.. Well it's a game where you can earn but where you can also lose, so I don't like it.

Top 8

Day Trading

This is the common day trading stuff, buy stock options, sell them and all that stuff.. I'm not interested either..

Top 9

Acne Removal

Of course having acne is not cool AT ALL, so people who have it are desesperate to remove it, to get rid of it.. So unfortunately for them they HAVE TO spend time thinking about it everyday.. It's a waste of time, but it is a very common issue, at different levels..

Top 10

Weight Loss

People are getting fatter everywhere, well nearly everywhere, I'm fat also, and of course from time to time, each fat person think about losing weight and sometimes when they're more motivated than usual they look for methods they can follow to lose weight..
Myself I'm at this stage, again, and I'm losing weight, but that means having to go to the gym for long cardio sessions, weight lifting so that I don't lose all muscles instead of fat and of course 80% of the effort comes from not eating the good stuff with sugar and oil.. It's a never ending struggle and will be for life.. the good tasting stuffs are not good for staying lean.. And staying lean avoids many illnesses due mainly or exclusively to having too much fat.. So.. That's a real problem..

Top 11

Get Your Ex Back

That's crazy.. Someone is in love with a person, get together, they the relationship is finished, and then the person still wants more of the other, and tries to get it back..
I say, if you were a couple and you're single again, then ENJOY YOUR FREEDOM!
Yes, freedom of being alone, do what you want, when you want..
If you can't see that it's a positive thing, then you need to change your thinking.. But no, many people don't want to think positively, they want something and will not think logically..
Well, one day it will pass anyway..

Top 12

Muscle Building

Muscle building is not only for the lean people wanting to get more muscles.. It is also important, I think, when a fat person wants to lose fat.. If this person only do cardio exercices and eat less, then what will happen is that this person will lose muscles too and honestly that's not what this person wants.. It's not about losing weight in itself, it's about losing fat weight, not muscle weight..
So muscle building is important to do while on a weight loss mission.. But it doesn't have to be difficult, just some exercices focusing on the muscles you want to maintain.. Do it as part of your routine when you go to the gym for your cardio exercices.. Do it before the cardio or after.. Or if you're motivated you can go one day for muscle building exercices, one day for cardio, etc.
Personnally I do Muscle building exercices first, only the upper body, then I do 20 minutes running, then 1 hour elliptic bike or something else cardio.. But it's not the best way, it's just my way and I say, something is better than nothing, so that's already a miracle I'm doing that instead of eating or doing stuff on the computer..

Top 13

Six Pack Abs

Well, that's not for next week.. I'm far from it, but maybe, who knows, one day I'll be interested in this topic, I hope, hahaha!

Top 14

Dating & Romance

Ah, love.. Well that's wonderful, but who needs tips about dating and romance? Obviously many people do.. Maybe I do need some information on the topic but I don't think so. I'm not looking for anything related to that, I'm already busy enough in other areas of my life!

Top 15

Affiliate Marketing

THIS is something I'm getting more and more interested into.. Well I was interested from far for a number of years, but the real trigger for me has been an unfair (in my eyes) ban of my adsense account with which I was earning way more than I needed to support my lifestyle. Now I'm back nearly at square one, but thanksfully I've been reading about affiliate marketing for a long time already, so it is not totally new to me, it's just that I've never really put things into practise.. Well now I have to, so I will, day by day, I'm focus on this at the moment, as you can tell, because cbproads and clickbank, it is about affiliate marketing!

Top 16

Water For Fuel

Use water for fuel.. Well, why not.. I'm not interested, but I think it is called a steam engine and has been invented well before the oil engine, hahaha.. It's not a problem, I know maybe they mean something else like hydrogen, I simply don't care too much, it's not a real concern for me right now.. I could care less about water for fuel, but it would be difficult.

Top 17

Satellite TV for PC

Watching crap tv on my PC ? No way. If I want to waste time watching a movie or a documentary, I download it via bittorrent or I look at it in streaming. I'm not going to watch TV randomly anymore, except when I'm on the cardio machine, but I also like to listen audio books while doing the hamster.

Top 18

Make Money Online

That is an interesting topic. Well making money is an interesting topic, and online why not, if it means less relational problems, having no boss, maybe no customers.. I'm all for it!

Top 19

Registry Repair

Well I don't have registry problems, I don't think anybody has registry problems on their computers, but the software vendors want us to believe we have a big problem and that their product is the solution..
It might have been true in the past, but nowadays the operating system Windows is getting better, the computers faster, so even if they are slow it doesn't show because they're now so fast we don't notice the difference.. I've been suing computers for more than 20 years, so honestly I'm use to way more slowness than I get today from even my mobile phone!

Top 20

Reverse Phone Look Up

Someone phoned you? You want to know who is it? Well, me I don't care, if I pick up the phone then I say hello, if not, then whoever called can call me back or better yet send me an email.. It's up to them to try again if what they had to say was important for them.. Me I live perfectly well without knowing whatever they had to say.. No news is good news :-)

Do you like this top?

In this list I show you only the main stream storefront as well as 19 niche storefronts, but more niche storefronts are being added regularly by cbproads, and you can promote them with your affiliate id and earn the clickbank commissions, either 50% of the time if you have a free membership (in this case you're stupid, sorry to tell the obvious) or 100% of the time if you have a PRO (paid) membership (it is so cheap that it doesn't make any sense not to get the lifetime membership, just my opinion)

What I think about them? I think they look OK, personally I would not spend the time to make that sort of sites, because nobody will come on them on their own, but as something to promote then yes it can be interesting because you have all your time free for promotion and not worry about any technical side of running a website.

Something I don't like about those storefronts is that they take emails from visitors, and then the owner of cbproads then build a very large mailing list of people interested in each niche, but you get nothing from whatever promotions are being run on those people..

But when you think about it, the pro membership being so cheap it's because there is a reason for the owner to give all of that nearly for free.. The cost of running the servers and not earning on commission is balanced by the fact that HE gets to build several large mailing list with double opt-in (legal way to build a list) and he also get a lot of analytics data on which products are most interesting to visitors. He can't get the data on sales when 100% of the commissions go to you, but he can track what products descriptions are more clicked on by visitors and also which products are opened (to go to the individual sales page of clickbank products, what is called a hop in clickbank lingo)

So that's why it would be better if I was the owner of cbproads :-)

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