Best Review - Top 20 Children's Stories of 2012


ister Smarty, a baby alligator came on the scene this year in Stockville City and played soccer and baseball. Norma simply wanted to be like her mother. A pompous duck quacked in a coach shoe. Birds of a blueberry bush tattletale on a girl who loved to utter sweet little lies. A blue angel got his wings and a little bear balled in his mama's costume. And there are many more stories like these to choose from that were written by beloved children's author Sheila Craan.

Top Kid's Stories of 2012
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Top 1

Mr. Smarty Plays Baseball Digs for 3rd Base

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Mr. Smarty was finally permitted to play baseball, instead of showing off his smarts every time. When his energy paled, he dug into third base. Steve saved the day and safely guided him home.

Top 2

Little Prince, Pacu and Knights Guffaw over Lambs on a Dame

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Little Prince's mom preoccupied with a few memories, would not speak! One day she remarried her husband over a guffaw and snapped out of an awful fog.

Top 3

A Girl of a Pink Feather

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Sandy’s pinkish, bright hair was an on the spot smash! Her dad certainly loved the color along with the in pink hues! Even then, could she, capture the interest of a sure boy, she just met!

Top 4

Quack, a Duck Slid into a Pair of Shoes

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A coach took his class to a fish pond to feed some birds. A pompous duck slid his webbed feet into the teacher's shoes! Everyone tittered and enjoyed a colossal duck ride, after a hearty laugh.

Top 5

Who Will Settle for the Finest Name Ever?

A group of students talk of careers, a cardiologist, a paleontologist, racing in the Kentucky Derby, and Aerospace. The children were amazed to see a girl, settle for a job with the finest name ever!

Top 6

Why Birds of a Blueberry Bush Chirped 'Yes' to Sire Frisbee?

A girl and uncle were strolling in a city park and saw a collection of birds migrating south. Alba turned to tell a flock of lies to impress her uncle, and he gently showed her a thing about lying.

Top 7

The Blue Angel

A children's story regarding an artist who dodged a dirt road on a horse and carriage to reach an art show. He found a witty way to inspire a blue angel who couldn't fly.

Top 8

How Little Boy Bear Balls over a Costume for Toys, Mama?

Little Boy Bear was dancing and singing in a school play tomorrow. His brother built his buoyancy as he overcame his dread of performing. Would he wear his Mama's enchanting costume to the play?

Top 9

The Story of Jerry Escargot

Jerry Escargot loved to compose epic poems; though his chums giggled, when they ogled him. He devised a way to serve his class a French delicacy, and they fell in love with his name.

Top 10

The Pearl Castle ::Part I

Avangelica, who lived in a house made of precious stones yearned to uncover the secret of its rare pearls. She had the audacity to venture off after pirate ships, and risked losing a glorious promise.

Top 11

The Pearl Castle ::Part II

Avangelica was now a famous pearl dress designer in Europe! She missed her family and returned home. Her dad allowed her to marry Kalvin and her mother took her away the day she bore a baby.

Top 12

The Grand Ant and the Honeybee

A hungry, lowly ant found a witty way to be part of a beehive. A queen bee and her fleet of honeybees took a liking towards him, until they realized he is simply an ant covered in pollen dust.

Top 13

The Artist and the Fanatical Dressmaker

A zealous arty lad eloquently sketched, portraits of imaginary friends. Surprisingly, a fanatical dressmaker brought his artwork to life! And she shocked him with a spectacular fashion show.

Top 14

The Liar in Luke's Head

Luke took money from his brother's coin collection, and lied about it. Then he has his brother play with his model airplane for a cover. He felt better, when his brother forgave him for fibbing.

Top 15

How Children's Authors Mercer Mayer, Dr. Seuss and Sheila Craan Are Shrewd?

Who can forget Mercer Mayer or Dr. Seuss, preschooler's stories, and there are many story books of that caliber? See Rumpelstiltskin, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Ugly Duckling, and more here!

Top 16

How a Pageant Rocked a Charming Town?

Girls of a quaint countryside couldn't wait to partake in a beauty pageant! Their moms taught a lesson over Hor d'oeuvres, and a pompous girl’s tooth fell out!

Top 17

Cousin Emily Planted Beets and a Terrible Snake Spoils the Soil!

Emily, along with her sweet cousins must quickly think of a witty way to get rid of a pious snake fast. Hence to plant vegetables, and care for a lovely bunny, before the hideous snake eats the rabbit.

Top 18

Take My Picture, Please!

A children's story about a bunch of kids who on Independence Day, race their bikes to a sporty green. They twist, turn and have fun on the monkey bars while Sara's dad snaps cool pictures of them in silly poses. Until the Fourth of July, parade comes strolling by.

Top 19

A Day in the Park

A children's story about a group of neighborhood kids who meet in a park to play a game of tag even though they thought it might thunder and shower.

Top 20

On Time Jim

Jim desired the stance of a political leader! He thought, of ways to use his clout as a class president to organize a trip on a ship. When things went haywire, he had to rethink his incumbent goals.

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