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phones are brilliant and to make them unique a bunch load of fantastic cases have been designed. This link is going to show you a small selection of my favorite iphone 3g cases. The great thing about these cases is that you can chop and change them depending on your mood, your clothes, accessories, that party you're going to... basically anything you can think of. If you like the idea of changing your phone to match how you're looking or even feeling then these are going to be perfect for you.
Zazzle, the store these are from, make high quality cases. They are made from a resilient material that wont easily crack if the phone is dropped and to protect the internal side of the phone the cases are fabric lined to avoid scratching.
These are my favorite iPhone cases so go ahead and check them out - there might be something you like.

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Ron Paul Revolution

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This is a great case for Ron Paul Revolution fans.
Top 2

Keep Calm and Dance On

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Perfect for the girl's night out.
Top 3

Vintage Travel Poster

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This vintage travel poster is showing off the sights of San Francisco, California.
Top 4

Honey Badger Don't Care

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