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o you wanna to know more about : Computer tips and tricks, internet tips and tricks, free software info, and about world of writing, the secret of business, etc??

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Free Digital Diary

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A writer usually writes their life story in a woven of words. Yet Another first, another now. If the first media only book to place their expression, but now a lot of media that can be used by writers. One of them is freeware Dairy iDaily version 1.15 from Splinterware production. Although made on 2004, but this software is enough for a digital diary. In addition to friendly features, can save the text / images, this software...........

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50 Sites Links E-book and E-zine (Free)

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One important thing for the authors is a collection of good reference books especially for a non-fiction authors. Beside a dictionary and a thesaurus, the authors need another references. There were many good references but the author must pay dearly or the prices is too expensive. For some authors this is very annoying, ultimately lead the authors only use some/few/bad references. But fortunately now many sites....

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Know the types of articles

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Every day we often read such articles, whether in print or electronic media. This article is different from writing fiction because it is factual (non-fiction), although both have a goal to deliver the message or information from ...........

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Writing is hard ??

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How does writing tips? the important thing is not about writing tips but the fundamental principal. When you get the fundamental pricipal, writing is Like a flowing water, a string word by word, sentence by sentence composed woven into a meaning to the rhythm of the mind of the author. Believe it??........

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Amazing world of writing

World of writing does have its own magnet for publishers, authors, and readers. For an author, in writing like a world that can be entered by anyone, anywhere, anytime. “ Writing world is limitless job opportunities, like a company that always receives a new employee ”, ..................

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A Freeware Alternative to Ms.visio to Create Flowcharts, Flow Map, Diagram, Etc.

Often make flowcharts or flowmap? Of course, those who engaged in the world of software, even business analysts often make a flowchart / flow map. In general, ...

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Three Best of Compression Tools (Freeware)

Files compression tool needs are increasingly by day, one that is often to used is WinZip/WinRar. But now many alternative compression tools, in addition its free, in terms of features no less interesting with a paid software.

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What is The Secret of China People (Hoa Kiau) So They Can Become Rich People in The World?

What is the secret of china people (Hoa Kiau) so they can become rich people in the world? Who does not know the State of China, a large country with a population that spread throughout the world. Chinese people indeed are everywhere, even in the African continent there are citizens of Chinese descent. In addition.......

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Change Your Blogspot/Wordpress Name Into (FREE)

Too long your domain name or bored with blogspot / wordpress domain? Just replace your domain into / (free) and do not worry your old domain will still be used and will automatically connect with the new domain. For example my blog become

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How do you know that google adsense on your site is banned or not (Free On-Line Checking)

We all already know that one source of passive income for net-preneurs is google adsense. There may be an indications when your earnings from google adsense suddenly decreased or google adsense ads lost/missing or never appear. This could be due your Google Adsense banned. Well, How do we know that google adsense on your site banned or not ?

Top 9

Free PDF Converter to make e-book

One of the e-book format that is often used both by the writer and the reader is a pdf file format. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, a file format created by Adobe Systems to facilitate the exchange of documents.
Until now, the writer ....

Top 8

How to check a website that we are visiting secure (Free On-Line Checking)

For net surfers surfing activity / browsing certainly become an everyday activity, but sometimes we do not know if the website that we visit including a spyware, spam, malware (viruses, etc). How do we know that a site really secure?

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Management of files / folders more easily with Q-Dir (Freeware)

For computer users certainly are not foreign to move files / folders from one folder to another. Usually for users of Windows OS who always use the windows explorer. But what if at the same time many files or folders are moved from one section to another?

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Save the web/blog articles to PDF with Joliprint (Free)

For the writer or internet user often when we read an article on the internet, sometimes we want to save the article so that it can be read offline. There are various ways to do this. One alternative that we can try is use JoliPrint , articles saved ..........

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Know your hard drive sounds to prevent data loss

For writers, today the computer seems become a mandatory equipment that must be present. Besides writing, computer use to store important data our writing. But .................

Top 4

Drinking tea is harmful? Be careful!

Many articles that discuss and explain the benefits of drinking tea. But did you know beside the benefits, drinking tea can be harmful for your body. How come?

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Alternative treatment with leech for stroke disease (Part 1)

Do you know many ways to treat stroke disease. One of which is the leech treatment (hirudotherapy). Initially, this treatment is not considered scientific, but now many medical studies that approved this treatment. Let's we find out more in this article.............

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Because you are so unique

Life was hard !! Yes, sometimes in certain circumstances of distress we feel that life was so hard. An empty souls, mind drift, and the loss of spirit . Yes, that is a real life, like we were hit by waves of the ocean when sailing the boat. A lot of people says : life is suffering without end. Because problems are ......

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What is The Meaning of One Dollar?

What is the meaning of one dollar in our lives? Have we ever seen in a different perspective? Let us try to know.

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