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o you want to find the best 30th birthday gift ideas? Well, it's not that hard to do... there are many 30th birthday gifts for both him and her that have to do with turning 30 or being 30 years old, the year they were born, or are personalized 30th birthday gifts, etc!

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Top 1

Book of Ages 30

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This is a good book for people turning 30--it's a light read but very interesting.

Top 2

Coins From the Year They Were Born

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A very cool 30th birthday gift is to get them coins from the year they were born. If they are celebrating their 30th birthday in 2011, then you could get them coins from 1981. For those turning 30 in 2012, you'd want to get them coins from 1982. They sell Proof sets of coins for different years where you normally get a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar. You can get these pretty inexpensively for 30th birthdays.

Top 3

Newspaper From the Day they were Born

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Wouldn't it be cool to have a newspaper from the day you were born? The place I know of where you can get the newspapers from takes several weeks to ship them so this isn't a last minute 30th birthday gift. But you could get them a magazine (see below) cheaper and likely faster.

Top 4

Magazine From the Year They were Born

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A magazine from the year or year and month they were born is a cool gift idea. Not to stereotype, but men might like sports magazines or car magazines and women might like fashion magazines or many of the magazines aimed at women. And of course there are some magazines that are good for anyone like Life magazines, Reader's Digest, etc.

Top 5

30th Birthday T-Shirts

You can find 30th Birthday t-shirts for both men and women... it's up to you whether you want to get them a funny 30th birthday shirt, a nice shirt that doesn't make them feel extremely old, or a mean one that calls them old, etc.

Top 6

30 Chocolates

You could get them some nice chocolates---especially some chocolates that have 30 pieces, one for each year of their life. This is a good 30th birthday gift idea for women, but perhaps men might like chocolates too.

Top 7

30th Birthday Mug

You can get the 30th birthday coffee lover a 30th birthday mug along with some good coffee. If they don't like coffee, then get them tea or hot chocolate to go with it.

Top 8

$30 Gift Card

A gift card in the amount of their age. You can get a 30 dollar gift card to Amazon, and perhaps there are other stores that you can get them a gift card in this amount.

Top 9

80s Gift (a gift having to do with the decade they were born in)

They grew up in the 80s, so why not get them something that has to do with this cool decade... like an 80s trivia game.

Top 10

Music From the Year They Were Born 30 Years Ago

Since you can't really wrap mp3s, try a CD with music from the year they were born in.

Top 11

Movie From the Year They Were Born 30 Years Ago

There are good movies that come out every year so get them the movie from the year they were born that you think they would like the most.

Top 12

You're Only Old Once by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss wrote this book for the elderly.... not for kids. 30 year olds will see a taste of what may be coming in later years in this book.

Top 13

13 Going on 30 Movie

This is a good 30th birthday gift idea for women.

Top 14

A car from the year they were born 30 years ago

It will likely be a toy car and not a real car.... this is a cool 30th birthday gift for men who liked playing with cars when they were kids, or are still into cars.

Top 16

Logan's Run

This is a movie were people are gotten rid of when they turn 30. Be warned, it's a very weird scifi movie from the 70s.

Top 17

Book from 30 Years Ago (the year they were born)

A book published in the year they were born can make an interesting 30th birthday gift... perhaps there's one they knew of as a child, or another book they may have heard of from the year they were born.

Top 18

The Day You Were Born History Plaque

Get them a personalized plaque they can hang on their wall with info about when they were born.

Top 19

30th Birthday Necklace

A 30th birthday necklace is a nice 30th birthday gift for women.

Top 20

A 30th Birthday Card with $30 in it

If all else fails, you could get them a 30th birthday card with $30 in it (or whatever amount you want..)

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jimformation's picture

These are some really great

These are some really great ideas