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verybody wants to be happy. No matter how good our lives are there is always a feeling it could be better. We want to be happier even if our lives are going good. But if life is not so great that happiness still rates as one of our top goals. This post will show you 19 ways to improve your happiness. Money may not buy happiness, but if you follow the steps you will be happier.

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Showing gratitude is the key to happiness. When you take time to show gratitude you are also realizing all the good things in your life the matter. Things are probably far better off than you realize on a day-to-day basis. You have food. You have a roof over your head. Hopefully most of the people in your life are relatively healthy. Even if you are dirt poor and jobless there are things to be grateful for. Take the time to express gratitude every day and you will feel significantly happier as a result.

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Get Good Sleep

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When we are tired and worn out it is hard to think positively about anything. If you get a good eight hours sleep at night your body and mind will feel rested and you'll feel happier as a result.

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Don't Decide Where to Live based on Weather

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It is a common misconception that if you live in a place with nicer weather you will be happier. In general, this is not true. Weather has little to do with happiness. The science shows that because of hedonic adaptation people become used to the pleasant weather. It becomes normal and stops affecting your happiness after a few weeks. This is why when people take vacations to a place with nice weather they may become happier, but they will not become happier living there. The major exception to this rule is related to rule number two. People who express gratitude for the fine weather and the place they live every day will remind themselves how nice their life is may see and increase in happiness.

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Stay Optimistic

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Take your Fish Oil

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Take breaks every 50 minutes

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Don't Rely on Having Kids for Happiness

Kids are great. But they don't bring happiness. They may bring fufillment. They may give you needed love. But they simply do not bring you happiness. Numerous surveys showed that parents are more stressed and less happy than their single counterparts. So having kids may be a great idea, but don't do it because it will make you happier. It won't.

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Make Friends with Positive People

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Try The Three Things Exercise

"Three Things" is a great exercise that has proven to increase happiness when done daily. It takes less than 5 minutes a day and should become part of your daily routine. Click the link to find our more about this awesome happiness habit.

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Exercise Daily

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Spend Less time Online

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Spend money on unique experiences, not things

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Laugh Loud. Laugh Often

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Spend money on others

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Engage in Deep Conversations

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Read the Happier Human book

This post just goes over some of the very basics. It does not explain why the steps are important, or how to effectively make the steps work. If you want excellent book on how to increase your happiness, check out the Happier Human book and you'll get the answer you're looking for.

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So you see, money won't buy you happiness. It is often the simple things in life that actually move the bar on happiness. This is why the fabulously wealthy can be just as depressed as the financially strapped. Money only makes an impact to remove stress and give you the freedom to try new experiences.

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