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exas is one of the most diverse and beautiful places to visit in the United States, and in fact, the whole world. I've done some travelling, but I've mostly always lived in North East Texas, not far from Dallas. Dallas is the city that I'm most familiar with, and there is a ton of great stuff to do, and places to see there; here's some of my picks, and recommendations.

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The Magnolia Hotel, in Downtown Dallas, Texas

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The Magnolia Hotel used to be the tallest building West of the Mississippi River, and it used to be the headquarters for David Rockefeller's Mobil Oil, which is now Exxon Mobile; but now it's a beautiful and historic hotel.

Top 2

The Davey Crockett Building

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This old building is a treasure that needs not go to waste, it's a historic school building in Dallas; and used to offer a Native American cultural center, and learning center

Top 3

Terrell State Hospital

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Now, you might not want to stay for a visit at the Terrell State Hospital, but hey, it's a legendary insane asylum just the same.

Top 4

The Capital Building, Austin, Texas

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Our State Capital building is actually larger than the capital building for the nation, and that's probably because the idiocy and arrogance of Governor Perry was too much to stuff into a smaller building!

Top 5

Kaufman, Texas; and official Retirement Community

My hometown is neither historic nor beautiful, but if you're old and rich, we welcome you to move to Kaufman!

Top 6

The Kyser Capo Company

Just outside of Kaufman, the Kyser Capo Company makes the world's single most used, and most popular, and best priced capo for stringed instruments

Top 7

Texas Feral Pigs

Wild boar pigs are epidemic in Texas; so if you visit Texas, bring your rifle and your cowboy boots!

Top 8

Doug Stanley Ford

If you are in the market for a new Ford Car or Truck, then the late Doug Stanley was indeed a legend in the Texas Car Business; I no longer work there, and neither does Mr. Doug Stanley, but I bet you could still swing a deal for a great Ford vehicle there. . . .with some cash, credit, and some good luck!

Top 9

How To Catch A Texas Crayfish

Catching crawdads is fun, time honored, unadulterated time well spent with nature!

Top 10

First Monday Flea Market in Canton, Texas

The world's largest flea market is a wonderful place to find many, many bargains and diamonds in the dust!

Top 11

Vipassana Meditation Center

99% of the locals in my hometown have nary a clue that this place even exists, but by our small town standards, it's huge. I'm sure it's hidden so as to keep people out, but the few locals that do know about it, and don't know what it is are surely thinking that it's a cult, but it's not. Wonderful place to meditate, and clear the garbage out of your head is what it is.

Top 12

El Llano Estacado

El Llano Estacado is a sea of grass stretching from Texas to New Mexico, and is one of the world's largest cotton producing regions, produces tons of fine wine, and a heck of a lot more as well.

Top 13

The San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio is one of the most historic places to visit in all of North America, but the River Walk along the San Antonio River in downtown San Antonio is one of the most beautiful places in THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Top 14

The Texas Hill Country.

The Texas Hill Country is North America's best kept secret. Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, - it's all here, and so much more.

Top 15

The National Polka Festival

Texas has large groups of Czech and German immigrants and communities - and the National Polka Festival is held Every Year in Ennis, Texas.

Top 16

Luckenbach - The Home Of Texas Country Music

Luckenbach is a Texas Hill Country town where the heart of Texas unique brand of country music is found!

Top 17

Shiner, Texas - Home Of Shiner Bock Beer

Here in Texas, we do everything our own way - and the Lone Star State's favorite beverage is Shiner Bock Beer, one of the very few true Bock Beers brewed in North America.

Top 18

Deep Ellum In Dallas, Texas

Deep Ellum has always been one of the best places in the state of Texas to party, get a tattoo, get robbed, hear some music, and buy drugs.

Hey, would I lie to you? It's a great place, but be careful.

Top 19

The Five Spanish Missions Of San Antonio

San Antonio has got to be the most beautiful place in all of North America. Along the San Antonio River there are FIVE old Spanish Missions, but most folks only know about one of them, and they think that that one was a military base, or something. . .

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I hope that I've provided you with something here in the way of good suggestions, and fun places to see and stay, and some history too. Best wishes if you visit my realm, I hope you have a fun, happy time!

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