Best Review - Top 17 New Christmas Gift Ideas for This Yuletide Season


re you having difficulty deciding which gift to give your loved ones? Or are you sick and tired of giving the same gift year after year? This top will help you make the right decision by giving you great choices. These choices are unlike the usual gifts, so feel free to browse through the top and check out the catalogues.

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Top 1

Unique Chandeliers

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If you want a gift that has something to do with home improvement, you might want to give a unique chandelier. This lens is a great product catalogue that shows you different types of chandeliers, from modern style to unusual designs.

Top 2

Animal Rain Boots

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If you want a cute, yet functional gift that you can give to a child, why don't you try animal rain boots? This lens is a product catalogue of basically all rain boots that have an animal theme or design on Amazon.

Top 3

Paperboy Hat

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If you'd like to give a teenage boy something useful, try giving him a paperboy hat, or others would prefer to use the term newsboy hat or cabbie.

Top 4

Korean Noodles

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Korean noodles is a great gift idea this Christmas. Who would think of giving someone noodles on Christmas? The receiver will enjoy hot, spicy noodles on a cold winter day.

Top 5

Movie Dolls

Is the receiver a movie buff? If so, why not give him/her a movie doll? This lens is a collection of great, yet affordable dolls that resemble characters from famous movies, from Twilight to Grease.

Top 6

Wooden Bangles

If you want to give someone a jewelry, but don't want the usual gold and silver ones, why not give them bangles that are made from wood? From animal prints to encrusted bangles, this lens will help you find the right one.

Top 7

Character Watch

You can also give someone a character watch, or a wristwatch that bears the image of famous characters on TV and in movies. Check out this lens to find out more about the available designs.

Top 8

Cheap Dog Clothes

If you want to give your dog or a dog lover a great gift idea this Christmas, this lens will give you a selection of cheap dog clothes.

Top 9

Faberge Egg Pendant

Faberge eggs are famous around the world. They are chic, elegant, and very, very expensive. Why don't you surprise your loved one with a Faberge egg pendant? This lens serves as a product catalogue of the most beautiful egg pendants available on Amazon right now.

Top 10


What is pepero? Pepero is a Korean cookie stick that's coated with chocolate and some dippings and flavors. You can try giving another friend pepero as a gift for Christmas.

Top 11

Maternity Maxi Dress

If you're looking for a nice gift for a pregnant friend, you might want to give her a maternity maxi dress. With this dress, she'll look fabulous, yet comfortable.

Top 12

Amanda Quick books

If you have a friend who loves historical romance novels, you might want to try giving him/her all the books of Amanda Quick, a prolific writer who writes historical romance novels with interesting plots and characters.

Top 13

Jar Openers

If you have an arthritic friend, why not give him a jar opener that he can use to open tightly closed bottles and jars? This lens will give you 7 of the most top-rated jar openers as reviewed by actual users and consumers.

Top 14


Why not have a drink with your old friends over a bottle of tequila? Talk about happy memories, and re-kindle lost friendships if you have to this Christmas.

Top 15

Plantronics 628

If you want your loved one to have a great headset, give them a Plantronics. You can try giving them Plantronics 628 or other models. They will surely be delighted.

Top 16

Plantronics 655

If you don't like the slender style of the Plantronics 628, you can try the bulkier Plantronics 655. Check out this lens to find out more about this amazing gadget.

Top 17

Insect Exterminator

If your host or hostess needs something to get rid of bugs and other flying insects, why not give them an insect exterminator?

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