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arwhals - the unusual horned whales - are small Artic cetaceans. They are famous for the enormous 'unicorn' horn growing out of their heads. For a narwhal lover, there isn't much available to buy, but there are a few toys and children's books worth considering, as well as some odd collectibles.

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Monterey Bay: Narwhal Toy

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A hand-painted realistic narwhal from the Monterey Bay Aquarium collection, at 1/20th life size. Pthalate free, it it suitable for ages 3 and up, although the tucks is slightly sharp and could be snapped off.
Price: $14.84

Top 2

Narwhal Figure - The Unicorn of the Sea

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We're sorry to have to break this to you, but unicorns aren't real. As great as it is to visualize yourself riding bareback aloft a mighty unicorn stallion, it's an impossibility on this earthly sphere. Fortunately nature has graced us with narwhals - marine animals with long, pointy tusks that make them the "unicorns of the sea." These majestic creatures have all the mystery and allure of the unicorn plus the added bonus of actually existing. This 5-1/2" (14 cm) long, hard vinyl narwhal makes for a great conversation piece and can also be used for spearing hors d'oeuvres at the next marine biologist mingle.

Price: $7.99

Top 3

Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea (Smithsonian Oceanic Collection) Book

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A splendid children's book from the Smithsonian Institution's Oceanic Collection, it is both entertaining, educational, and beautifully illustrated.
Suitable for ages 4-8
Janet Halfmann (Author), Steven James Petruccio (Illustrator)
5 stars, 2 Customer reviews
Price: $4.95

Top 4

Do Narwhals Have Blowholes? Book

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Another children's book - in which two yetis set out to discover whether Narwhals have blowholes or not. The book is entertaining and whimsical, full of wonderful illustrations and tells the story in rhyme.
Gibson Holub (Author), Matt Cory (Illustrator)
6 stars, 3 Customer reviews
Price: $13.99

Top 5

Narwhal Whales Up Close (First Facts) Book

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A children's book for ages 4-8 introducing Narwhals by Jody Sullivan Rake
Price: $18.71

Top 6

Perennial toys NW035 Narwhal Starter Set

A narwhal themed gift-basket type item, with Narwhal Bath Sponge (8 long by 3 high)y, Floating "iceberg" habitat, Narwhal Arctic habitat educational coloring book and Narwhal collectible magnet.
by Perennial toys (without Soap version)
Sale: $19.40

Top 7

13" Narwhal Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

A cute and cuddly pale yellow Narwhal, with black spots. Body length 13", tusk length 6"

Price: $17.09

Top 8

Silly Bandz Arctic Bandz

This Artic collection of Sill Bandz includes Walrus, Narwhal, Snowy Owl, Polar Bear, Eskimo, and Wooly Mammoth
Contains 24 Bandz per pack
Price: $2.34

Top 9

Narwhal American Apparel Tote Bag

...and t-shirts, hoodies, scarves
A range of various bags and items of clothing - mostly aimed at girls - with a cute narwhal design
Price: $10.00 (and up, depending on item)

Top 10

USS NARWHAL SSN 671 Street Sign

Now here's a really weird gift - an 18 inch long aluminium street sign, saying "USS NARWHAL DR"!

The USS Narwhal (SSN-671), a unique submarine, was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named for the narwhal, a gray and white arctic whale. Her keel was laid down on 17 January 1966 by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics Corporation, in Groton, Connecticut. She was launched on 9 September 1967 sponsored by Glynn R. Donaho, and commissioned on 12 July 1969 with Commander W. A. Matson in command.

by The Lizton Sign Shop
Price: $10.99

Top 11

Narwhal by Margaret Gill

A young adult fiction book that was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Awards.

4.5 stars, 3 customer reviews
Price: $14.95

Top 12

Narwhal (Magic the Gathering : Homelands Rare) Collectible gaming card

If your child plays the Magic the Gathering card game, then this will add a fun extra touch to your Narwhal themed gifts!
1 used from $0.01

Top 13

National Geographic March 1986 Giant Pandas

The March 1986 issue of the National Geographic covered Giant Pandas, Sam Houston, Fez, Narwhals and the Pennines. For the nature lover or collector, this would be a fairly unique gift.
Price: $8.99

Top 14

Narwhal Designs on Zazzle

On the other hand, if you're willing to branch out from books and toys, there is a huge range of customizable Narwhal designs on Zazzle, where artists make their artwork available on t-shirts, buttons, cards, posters, ornaments, mugs, shoes and dozens of other products. Zazzle's print quality is VERY good, now it's simply a matter of finding a design you like!

Top 15

Squishable 15" Narwhal Toy

An unbelievably soft, freakishly cuddly narwhal - round as a ball, 15 inches wide, and cuter than a basket of puppies.

Price: $38.99

Top 16

Narwhal Horn Candy

Why not crunch on some deliciously minty Narwhal horns as you cuddle your Narwhal plush?

Price: $5.50

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Who knew there were so many

Who knew there were so many narwhal items available?