Best Review - Top 16 Halloween Sites With Great Costume Ideas!


est Halloween costumes! You'll find cute, funny, scary, movie and other costumes for kids and adults. If you don't have any idea which costume will you wear for Halloween night, you need to check these! Also don't forget to check out Halloween scary masks! And you must watch a scary Halloween movie!

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Cupcake Costume

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Want something more delicious than candy? What about cupcakes? They are cute and delicious and now you can wear one of the great halloween cupcake costumes! Cupcakes are sweet and you can be as well with one of the costumes. They are made for everyone, who love cupcakes. It's a great Halloween costume, especially for kids, who love to wear something special and unique.

Top 2

Pacman Costume

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Perhaps you're looking for Halloween Pacman costume. PacMan is an old school icon and I think all of you still remember it! There are many great costumes for a PacMan and you can also wear it with your friends. These costumes are great for a Halloween party, because you can pretend you're in the game with your friends.

Top 3

Teletubbies Costume

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Remember Teletubbies, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, LaLa And Po? They are awesome and popular among children. If your child is their fan, then dress him in a purple, green, yellow or red teletubbies costume. But they aren't just for kids, but also for adults, so let the fun begin and be the best family in your town with these great teletubbies costumes!

Top 4

Pocahontas Costume

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Pocahontas is very popular among the Disney's fans. Girls love her, because she is cute and one of the Disney's princesses. You can also be like her with one of the Pocahontas costumes. They are great for young girls and women, too!

Top 5

M&M Costume

Let me introduce you to the M&M costumes. They are appropriate for adults and children and are availlable in many colors. You can choose a blue, orange, green or yellow costume. They are in many designs and all of them are great! Now your whole family can wear one of these and look "delicious"!

Top 6

Sonic Costume

Sonic is back with his friends, Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Tails the Fox and Knuckles. If you like any of these great characters, why don’t you wear their costumes for this year’s Halloween? Sonic costume is a great choice for kids and adults, who love Sonic and his friends. They are available in many sizes and designs!

Top 7

Scary Costumes For Kids

Don’t forget about your kids, because there are also great scary costumes for kids, boys and girls. They can dress in combination with your costume and together you can scare away others and be the best Halloween creatures in your town!

Top 8

Scary Costumes For Adults

Halloween can’t be scary without a scary costume! I’m sure you want to scare people to death on Halloween, so why don’t you take a look at the great selection of scary Halloween costumes. You can dress like a scarecrow, evil clown, zombie, or anything else you desire. I’m sure you’ll get an idea what to wear for Halloween.

Top 9

1980 s Costumes

If you like the 80's fashion and miss those good old days, then perhaps you should take a look at these great 1980's costumes. You can now be an old school rapper like MC Hammer, or perhaps a rock star. But that's not all, you will also find other costumes like Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna and Devo. Keep the 80's alive!

Top 10

Bee Costume

Here you'll find Bee Costumes for kids and adults. You can even choose Bee Keeper costume or Toddler Bee Costumes. With them you can have a delicious Halloween night!

Top 11

Saw Mask

Are you ready for this year’s Halloween? If not, why don’t you take a look at some of the amazing masks. First let me introduce you to the saw mask from the Saw movie. You will sure look scary in the evil clown mask or Jigsaw mask. These masks are great for adults and will sure be the scariest on the Halloween party.

Top 12

Chucky Mask

Chucky mask is great for Halloween, especially for those who know Chucky. That evil doll is sure scary and on the Halloween night you can scare everyone away from you! This mask is great for adults and children. Check out the sizes and choose the best chucky mask!

Top 13

Alien Masks

There’s a spaceship in our backyard and I think it’s full of nasty aliens, run for your lives! This would be the reaction of your neighbor if he saw you in an alien mask. Aliens can be scary, but who knows, perhaps they don’t want to eat us. Anyhow, people think aliens are scary, so if you wish to be the attraction of the evening, choose the best alien masks for you and your friends.

Top 14

Scarecrow Mask

With a scarecrow mask you will be able to scare off not only crows, but also people. Stand still in front of your house and when someone comes scare him/her. They are going to run home and cry, because of you. Wear the best Halloween creature in your town with one of the scary scarecrow masks.

Top 15

Skeleton Mask

A Skeleton Mask is great for adults and children, who’d like to wear something scary on Halloween. With this mask you will be able to scare people and be the only person who’s dead. Literally, skeletons are dead people, but you’ve got the ability to move.

Top 16

Scary Clown Movies

If you’re going on a Halloween party or perhaps you’re planning to have one at home, pick some of the great scary clown movies for the Halloween evening. Clowns have gone mad and be a witness to some of their evil scenes. Take a look at my top ten scary clown movies and watch their trailers. Let the fun begin.

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