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ello everyone, the legendary guitar company, C.F. Martin & Co. is the world's premier manufacturer of fine, acoustic guitars. I've owned several, and played dozens of them. These are my articles about the ones that I know the best.

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The Martin D 45

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The D 45 is the top of the line for Martin acoustic guitars, the base model starts at $7,500.00 but the sky is the limit. I've personally played on that was priced to sell at $45,000.00

Top 2

The Martin D 18 Acoustic Guitar

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Less expensive, but never cheaper than other solid wood Martin acoustic guitars; the Mahogany D 18 supplies a velocity of sound that the more expensive Rosewood guitars can't match.

Top 3

The Martin D 28, and it's many fine variations and imitations

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Though some claim that the Gibson J 200 is the world's best known acoustic guitar, those people all work for Gibson! :=D

Top 4

The Martin 00 17 acoustic guitar

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This little all mahogany guitar is no longer in production, but still a steal on the market!

Top 5

The Martin D 35 S Acoustic Guitar

This is an "S" series guitar, and that means that it's got a wider neck, twelve frets clear of the body, instead of fourteen; and a slotted headstock, like a classical guitar.

Top 6

The Martin Johnny Cash Signature D 35

The man in black was all original, sometimes dark, and always powerful. His signature Martin D 35 Johnny Cash signature series guitar is just like that. It's a timeless instrument of exceedingly high value and quality. Three peice rosewood back, rosewood sides, and Engleman Spruce soundboard - this guitar is a cannon with the authority of the voice of Johnny Cash, and of course, it's all black.

Top 7

The Martin HD 28 VR

The HD 28 VR is the most copied acoustic guitar in the entire world - what it is is a Herringbone Dreadnought 28 Vintage Reissue, a replica of pre world war II D 28 guitars using Sitka Spruce and East Indian Rosewood.

Top 8

The Martin 000 28EC

This guitar, the Martin 000 28EC is the Martin Eric Clapton guitar, the same guitar that Eric Clapton used to record his live Unplugged album.

Top 9

The Martin D 50 Koa and D 50 Ultra Deluxe

These two guitars are beyond belief with exquisiteness of beauty that is simply hard to believe until you actually see one. Take a deep breath - they start out at $50,000.00 dollars!!!

But hey, there's a VERY good reason for that price tag, and if that's not enough guitar and abalone inlay for you - just go right ahead with your bad self and buy the D 100, for a mere $110 thousand dollars.

Top 10

Martin SWDGT Smartwood Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

A "conscious" guitar, made in keeping with ecological responsibility, the Martin SWDGT features a solid Sitka spruce top, certified solid cherry wood back and sides, mahogany neck, and a certified katalox bridge and fingerboard. The neck has a low profile shape and an adjustable truss rod. Appointments include pearl dot inlays and a natural satin finish for enhanced tone. Made with specifically ecologically sustainable woods.

Top 11

The Martin M 38

The Martin M series are guitars that are traditional Martin flat tops with a different body shape that provides different tonal properties for the player.

Top 12

Top Five Vintage Recreations Of The Pre War Martin D 28

Five high end beauties reviewed and compared here, none of them made by Martin. Each and every one, however, is a recreation of Martin's famous D 28 as it were before World War Two.

Top 13

The Martin D-42JC

The Martin D-42JC is an extremely rare guitar, and the "JC," of course, stands for "Johnny Cash." Interestingly enough, this guitar has a three piece back just like the Martin D-35JC.

Top 14

Johnny Cash's Prized Martin D-28

Johnny Cash surely played hundreds of guitars in his days, but there was one specific guitar that he'd take nowhere near a stage, it was his prized instrument, a 1971 D-28

Top 15

The Martin D-16

With stiff competition from all corners of the globe, Martin has upped the ante with the D-16, a guitar that provides more value for the cost than perhaps any other.

Top 16

Jimmy Page and the Martin D-28

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was famous for both acoustic and electric guitar music, and he always played a D-28 on stage and in the studio as soon as he got one.

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Martin Guitars are heirloom quality investments, and studio and professional grade instruments. You can't outgrow them, and they sound and play better the more that you play them.

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