Best Review - Top 15 Travel tips and advices from my own experiance


have always loved to travel. We have been around the world and I want to share some of my travel experiances and tips with you!

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Top cruises destinations

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For warmer destinations it only depends on how much time and money you have, and how far you want to fly to start your trip.

The Caribbean is always a good choice for a cruise.

For warmer destinations it only depends on how much time and money you have, and how far you want to fly to start your trip.

The Caribbean is always a good choice for a cruise.
The caribbean is always a good choise for cruises. But I present more suggestions here.

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A trip to Italy - how to plan it

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To visit Italy is planning important. Both cold and warm weather depending on the season you go.

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Benefits of an e-phrase book in Italy

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Some sellers in stores in the bigger cities can speak English. But if you travel around the country you will need a e-phrase book in your cell phone or in your pocket.

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Planning a trip to Rome

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This city is vast! In the summer it is very hot. Some tourists avoid August. But in the wintertime you will need a jacket.

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Top 10 vacation spots

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What do you want to do when you travel? Museums, nature and social life, Entertainment or sporting?
I present a lot of suggestions for all kinds of travellers

Top 6

The Hamer people in Ethiopia

A beautiful tribe living of the ground. Semi-nomadic pastoral people.

Top 7

The Main Languages Spoken in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country in eastern Africa with a very old culture. There are around 80 different languages spoken.

Top 8

Travelling- a Life-Long Passion

I love to travel. With my children too. My first trip was to England and after that I have been in many places all over the world.

Top 9

Svaing money - find a cheap travel

Cheap flights is one way to save money when you travel. I have some good suggestions.

Top 10

In Ethiopia with a mule

A book worth reading and then follow in her footsteps

Top 11

Addis Ababa - the capital of Ethiopa

Ethiopia has a history past Bible times. Read about Addis and you will be tempted to go there!

Top 12

Top ten travel tips

Rome, Stockholm,Madrid,Norway and much much more

Top 13

Sweden in northern Europe - Here is a lot of facts

The country is old and full of tourism. Read about where to go, what to see and more.

Top 14

The Canary Islands - Fuerteventura

The Canary islands have a fantastic climate. Surfers paradise and snorklers heaven.

Top 15

The best wind surfing place in the world!

Vast beaches and lots of fish. Read about the snorkeling paradise and the place where the world championship of Windsurfing take place each year.

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Travel around the world tips

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mulberry's picture

I've been to Italy a couple

I've been to Italy a couple of times but would love to try Sweden, Ethiopia and so forth. Traveling is a wonderful experience. Thanks for the resources.