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f you write articles online, have a blog, or really have any sort of fashion that you try to make money online and you do not know what a back-link is you are in serious trouble.

Backlinking is the way that you gain organic traffic for your links. Depending upon the authority and rank of the sites you connect to a variable amount of "juice" is passed on to your articles.

In turn this "Juice" directly relates to how well your article may -or may not- rank on the search results.

If you want your articles to ever be found YOU MUST understand backlinking. Here are 10 great places to start to powerup your knowledge to gain the skills of backlinking.

Make sure to check out the links below to get all the information you will need to understand simple backlinks

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Top 1

Backlink's: SUperHighway of the Internet

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Tips for Understanding Backlinking: Backlinking basics

Top 2

Best Ways to get Blog and Article Traffic

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Tips for Understanding Backlinking: getting Blog and article traffic to your backlinks and building a linkwheel

Top 3

Increase Article Traffic with these SEO Tips

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Tips for Understanding Backlinking: A great collection of simple SEO tips that can really UP your SEO game for your backlinks and make them all more powerful and worthwhile.

Top 5

Effective ways to Gain more Backlinks

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More backlinks, more work...but more effect find out how to do it simply

Top 8

SEO Dofollow Resources

A great colelction of some great resources to get Dofollow links

Top 15

Best Reviewer

Never forget that this site itself is an excellent place for backlinks. If you are not yet signed up click the link and join for some easy backlinks, that can even make you some money.

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Hopefully you have checked out all the great tips for Understanding Backlinking on this page and checked out the links where you can get a heap more information. If so, you should completely understand backlinks and backlinking, and now you just have to get out there and do the work. Good luck to you!

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jimformation's picture

Great resources. Thanks!

Great resources. Thanks!

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Thanks man! Glad you found

Thanks man! Glad you found it useful!