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pring isn't really that far off. It's time to be thinking about all of the fun and relaxation that you can experience during the warmer weather, right at home in your yard. By making your yard your sanctuary, you assure that you won't miss a minute of the season. Here are some products that can help you achieve this.

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A Butterfly Bench

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You may have spent years planting flowers, hosta, ferns, small shrubs, and more to create a garden like getaway in your yard. Now all you need is vantage point from which to enjoy it. A beautiful bench can add to the overall appearance of your garden or landscaped area and it can provide a place for a quiet respite where you can spend some time each morning or evening enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Top 2

A Pretty Garden Fountain or Bird Bath

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There's nothing like the gentle babbling sounds of water to completely transform a spot in your yard to a little piece of heaven. Even if you forgo putting in a fountain a simple tiered birdbath can add a lot of character and interest to the space. It attracts birds and adds a sense of calm.

Top 3

The Perfect Hammock and Stand

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Lounging in a hammock on an spring morning when the birds are singing their joyful tune is a memory in the making. Relaxing with a good book or indulging in a nap on a hot summer afternoon is the ultimate refreshment. Then of course, snuggling on a summer evening isn't so bad either. A nice hammock with a good stand will allow you to lounge in the shade, in the sun, or even up your patio.

Top 4

Pergolas and Gazebos

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A traditional Gazebo or Pergola can provide a great spot to gather under cover from the direct rays of the sun. They can even allow you to stay outdoors when a bit of rain moves in. In some instances, they can be the perfect spot for your patio furniture.

Top 5

Vinyl Tablecloths

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Most people enjoy entertaining outdoors during the summer. The grill is a popular item and relaxing on the deck or patio with a good meal is perfect for barbeques, family reunions, and more. Vinyl tablecloths can make those occasional spills no problem. They assure that your guests and family have a clean surface from which to eat and that clean up will be a breeze.

Top 6

The Grill

As mentioned above, the outdoor grill is one of the key items in many of the most memorable summertime meals. They can be gas, oil, or charcoal burning, but a good grill is critical.

Top 7

Deck Planter Boxes

Even if you don't have an elaborate garden surrounding your home, you can create a bit of the atmosphere on your deck. Deck planter boxes allow you to scatter the pretty foliage of spring and summer all about your living sapce.

Top 8

A Floating Lounge Chair

If you have a pool in your yard, then a floating lounge chair is a must. Kids can splash around but those of use who are a bit more "mature" can appreciate a good lounge in which to float about.

Top 9

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a great investment for those who like to spend time outdoors in the summer. Some people want a set up for dining, complete with a large table and chairs. Others want more of a living room set up with a sofa and chairs, a place to converse.

Top 10

A Floating Cooler

Another great item for those who have a swimming pool is the floating cooler. Who wants to fall off of their lounge chair, get out of the pool, dry off, and go in the house just to get a cold drink? Why would you do this, when you have the option of keeping cold drinks right on hand, next to you in the pool?

Top 11


One element that some of the most beautifully landscaped yards and gardens have is lighting. The right lights can extend the time you enjoy your yard or garden by hours each day. From string lights and path lights, to spotlights and pretty lit statues, lighting can be the final touch to the perfect yard.

Top 12

Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers

As you spend so much time outdoors in the summer, keeping up with the time and temperature can be easy with an outdoor clock and thermometer. These clocks come in a variety of designs and can add beauty to your patio or garden.

Top 13

Outdoor Wireless Speakers

Whether it's a family gathering out on the deck or fun at the poolside, it's nice to be able to enjoy your favorite music. Wireless outdoor speakers let you enjoy that music without worrying about a little moisture or dust and dirt destroying your speakers.

Top 14

Outdoor TV

Just because it's summer doesn't mean nobody wants to keep up with a favorite sport or show. Having an outdoor TV assures you don't have to give up one to get the other. These outdoor TVs can withstand the elements.

Top 15

Bug Lights

Light bulbs attract bugs, and bugs, well, they bug people. Bugs can ruin a perfectly fun evening outside. Using the right bulbs however, you can reduce the insects that are attracted to your patio or deck. In fact, some lights are designed to repell and even kill insects to let you enjoy your evening undisturbed.

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