Best Review - Top 15 phrases guys say. Can you decode?


en often speak their own language and many times woman don't understand. They say one thing but they mean another. They aren't as simple as you may think. They speak in code covering up their true intentions often times fearing the truth will upset you or killing their chance at getting you into bed. Here are 15 common things men say to woman that you need to decode. Life would be less complex if everyone just said exactly what they mean. Thumbs up to blunt or is it nicer to lie?

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Top 1

When he says: "Seems like a lot of your friends are getting married and have kids." What is he really mean?

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He means: "uh oh, you're going to start freaking out soon."

Top 2

When he says: "You're being such a girl." What does he really mean?

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He means: "I don't understand you at all."

Top 3

When he says: "Thant's not what I meant." What does he really mean?

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He means: "Thats totally what I meant, but now that I see that you're mad, I wish that I hadn't said it out loud."

Top 4

When he says: "I don't get why girls like him." What does he really mean?

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He means: "I'm feeling insecure, so say something reassuring."

Top 5

When he says: "You're such a great friend." What does he really mean?

He means: "I never want to date you."

Top 6

When he says: "How long was your last relationship?" What does he really mean?

He means: "Are you up for a fling or looking for something long term." Often men will say this to miss lead you into thinking they are in it for the long haul when in fact its not at all what they are after.

Top 7

When he says: "My mom is like that around new people." What does he really mean?

He means: "My mom isn't a fan of yours."

Top 8

When he says: "I really like those shoes." What does he really mean?

He means: "I'm in so much trouble. I'd better make nice."

Top 9

When he says:"Lets not rush into things." What does he really mean?

He means: "I'm still deciding if whether you're girlfriend material,"

Top 10

When he says: "Shall we split the check?" What does he really mean?

He means: "I'm not into you."

Top 11

When he says:."It's a long story." What does he really mean?

He means: "It's a story that makes me look bad."

Top 12

When he says: "Your friend is great." What does he really mean?

He means:"If I weren't seeing you, I would go for your friend."

Top 13

When he says: "My friends loved you when they met you!" What does he really mean?

He means:"I think I may love you too."

Top 14

When he says: "I thought I knew her." What does he really mean?

He means:"I was checking her out."

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Lady's just go with your gut. Take things slow. If you pay attention to everything he's telling you then you will be able to get what he's to scared to just come out and say. Use your sixths sense that we all have. Once you learn to clue into that you will have less trouble getting the truth understood. Always talk it over first before drawing your own conclusions. Take it very slow. More times then not ones true intentions aren't revealed until later down the road. Men will say anything to get you into bed, and so will some women too. Well I hope this article was able to help loosen up some of the confusion when it comes to what men really are saying. It would be nice if everyone would just say what they mean. Communication already is hard enough without having to decode most of whats being said. Good luck and I vote thumbs up to blunt.

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Daniel Richmond's picture

I feel like I just went

I feel like I just went shopping with a girl. My brain just clicked off!
Too many in the list.

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Ha ha thats totally funny..

Ha ha thats totally funny.. The one on the website that I got it from had a total of fifty and I'm with you on the whole shopping thing.. I hate it. I do most my shopping online where there are no lines and they deliver. :)