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he Song of Ice and Fire series has captured (and wounded) hearts across the world. If you're a tabletop gamer, and you want to bring some of your favorite characters from the series to your next Pathfinder campaign, these guides should provide you with enough insight to get you started.

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Tyrion Lannister

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The heart of the series for many people, Tyrion's great strength is his cleverness. It's proven the equal of swords time and again... particularly when you consider that a small man with a fast mind can outmaneuver entire armies.

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Tyrion's right-hand man, Bronn rose to knighthood through service to the dwarf. While their ways have parted before, it's always good to have a low friend in a high place.

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Gregor Clegane "The Mountain That Rides"

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One of the most brutal monsters in Westeros, Ser Gregor is a terror to behold. Vicious, cruel, and awful in every way, there is no denying the appeal of his sheer, brute force.

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Sandor Clegane "The Hound"

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Sandor Clegane, the "little" brother, is a complicated man. Scarred by great violence and subject to cruelty, there is still a flame of something good inside of him. A beast who only knows how to bite, there's still hope for Sandor.

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Brienne of Tarth

The Maid of Tarth, as she's called, Brienne is the match of nearly any man with a sword in her hand. She draws strength from her purpose, and she is one of the more compelling characters in the world of Ice and Fire.

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Loras Tyrell "The Knight of The Flowers"

One of the loveliest roses, and with the deadliest thorns, Ser Loras is not to be taken lightly. Even once his petals wilt, there is still a core that refuses to bend.

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Jon Snow

For a man who knows nothing, Jon Snow has come remarkably far in the world. A crow with a great wolf at his heels, Jon and Ghost are a terrifying pair... and one of the more difficult ones to accurately create in Pathfinder.

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Thoros of Myr

Thoros, the red priest, was something of a joke before the reawakening of magic in the world. Especially when he laid his hands on his fallen comrades, and life returned to them.

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Oberyn Martell "The Red Viper"

The Red Viper is no friend to those in King's Landing, and particularly not to the Lannisters. The hot-tempered Dornish prince is a firebrand on the battlefield, though, and not a man to be taken lightly under any circumstances.

Top 10

The Unsullied

The Unsullied are one of the greatest fighting forces the known world has ever seen. Known far and wide for their prowess, the last of them are under Daenerys Targaryen's command. Westeros has a reckoning coming to it.

Top 11

Lord Varys "The Spider"

Like him or hate him, Lord Varys may be one of the most complicated characters involved in the plot. A master of whispers and secrets, he seems to always be one step ahead... but how long can that last?

Top 12

Khal Drogo

Perhaps the greatest Khal ever to ride the sea of grass, Drogo was going to cross the deadly seas and take the iron throne for his wife, and his child. He never made good on that threat, but if he had, the world would have been a very different place.

Top 13

Syrio Forel

Arya Stark's dancing master, Syrio Forel is one of the fastest blades in the world. And while we are told he's dead, we have never seen his body. Or have we?

Top 14

Jaqen H'ghar "The Faceless Man"

The world is full of Faceless Men, but one in particular makes himself known during our story. Jaqen H'ghar, or so he claims, is just one of the masks he's worn.

Top 15

Melisandre "The Red Woman"

The red priestess is feared far more than she is loved, but her mission is one we might all be grateful for before the end is done. Though I doubt anyone would thank her for the graveyards she's filled along the way.

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That's all, for now. Of course, if there is more demand for additional characters, it's possible that further builds will be written. Only time, and that north wind, will tell.

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