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ith the growing popularity of social networking site, there are plenty of attempts to enter the address of improvisation not the functionality. Facebook is one of the popular social networking sites. There are plenty of applications on Facebook that makes it different from others. We can add various applications such as games, horoscopes, etc. on it. All these applications make Facebook a larger social platform where users can play, enjoy common interests and share information from other social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Friendfeed each other in their Facebook profile. These applications are developed in accordance with the guidelines of Facebook for the convenience of users.

Facebook applications can make your page more lively, engaging, entertaining and attractive. Facebook applications can help you find friends and fans. With the help of the Facebook application, you can keep your friends up to date.

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Picnik is a Facebook application that provides online access editing photos directly to Facebook. With the help of this application you can crop, rotate, resize and color balance of your photos. It also lets you browse and edit any photo you're tagged in.

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RSS Graffiti

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Graffiti is an excellent RSS Facebook application that periodically checks the RSS / Atom. If specified and positions of new registrations, this application is in him, and automatically post to the walls of Facebook. That is primarily meant to remove noise to keep your Facebook friends and fans up to date with the latest news from their other sites.

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Trip Advisor: Cities I’ve visited

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With this application, you can share your travel experiences with friends and help them decide where to go and what to do when venturing into the world with TripAdvisor.

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Web Sudoku

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This is the first Facebook application that lets you create surveys to their Facebook pages and profile pages.

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causes are an awesome application for Facebook that allows anyone with a good idea or passion for change to impact the world. With the help of this, they can mobilize their network of friends to grow lasting social and political movements.

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wahmshelley's picture

Thanks for posting this "Top

Thanks for posting this "Top List"...I am fairly new to Facebook and this is a great list of tools to pick from to add to my Facebook page...

hapatchan's picture

You are welcome :D

You are welcome :D