Best Review - Top 15 K1 Fiance Visa Process Experiences


hese posts relate to my experiences of getting a K1 fiance visa, so that I could move to the USA and marry my American fiancee. They go through all the details of the forms, interviews, experiences and the overall K1 fiance visa process.

With my fiance in Florida before we applied for the K1 fiance visa.
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7 Tips for dealing with the Fiance Visa Interview Questions

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These are my own personal tips based on my own personal experience, so I can’t say for sure that they’ll work for you, only that they served me well.

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How I got through my K1 visa interview and answered all the visa interview questions for fiance

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All visa interviews are intimidating by their very nature, as the course of your life could be effected by the outcome, but in the end my preparations paid off and I managed to get through.

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The Fiance Visa Processing and Wait Time

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One of things that I wish we’d known when Abby, my wife (fiancee at the time) and I decided to get our K1 Fiance Visa was roughly how long the entire K1 Fiance Visa processing time would take in total, as well as the fiance visa wait time for each individual stage.

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My experience of the K-1 Fiance Visa process

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It is a dream ambition for many people to move to the USA to live . Unfortunately, in order to be able to do this legally, you are usually required to fulfill certain criteria and negotiate many difficult and expensive hurdles in order to achieve this.

Top 5

My K1 Fiance Visa Medical Exam

This is an account of my personal experience of the K1 Fiance Visa medical exam. It’s not an official guide but does tell you what I went through on my way to getting my K1 fiance visa.

Top 6

The I-129 petition process

This article is not intended to be any sort of official guide (you should contact the USCIS for specific details of the rules and procedures relating to visas). Rather it is a personal account of what my wife and I experienced when we filed a USCIS I-129 petition and began the fiance petition process.

Top 7

Getting a UK Police Certificate for Immigration Purposes

Some visas now have a requirement that if you are a British citizen, then you must supply the country you are traveling to with a UK Police Certificate for immigration purposes. The Police Certificate lists what, if any, criminal convictions that you have on your Police National Computer record and gives details of them, if they have not been “stepped down”.

Top 8

USCIS I-129 Petition Relationship Proof

The I-129f relationship proof is meant to provide proof that the couple in question have met each other within the two years before the filing of the I-129 petition application.

Top 9

US Vaccination Requirements for the medical exam

One thing that did cause me some stress for my fiance visa medical exam was trying to sort out my shots in advance, so that they fitted with the US vaccination requirements. If you get them done at the time of your fiance visa medical exam then you will end up paying for them and the rates are pretty expensive.

Top 10

Do I need a visa lawyer or a US immigration attorney?

I am writing this because I was contacted by someone who was considering submitting an I 129 petition as the first stage of the K1 fiance visa process and asked my opinion on this topic and I thought it deserved a full answer. Also, as it is a question that many people ponder, I thought that I would post my thoughts online.

Top 11

Arriving in the US Port of entry

I was nervous when a finally got to see a US Immigration Officer at the US customs desk - there was nothing amiss, I was just anxious that having gone through all the trouble of getting my K1 Fiance Visa from the USCIS, nothing should go wrong at the last minute.

Top 12

How to transfer money to a US bank account cheaply from UK and Europe

Emigrating to the USA from a foreign country throws up many unexpected problems. One of them, I found, is what to do with all my bank savings, more specifically how to transfer money to a US bank account cheaply from UK and Europe, without having large chunks of it taken off you in banking fees or by ridiculously low exchange rates.

Top 13

I-485 Green Card Application and I-684 Affidavit of Support

I was now ready for the next stage after getting married in the US (Florida), making my I-485 Green Card application for permanent residency, known as an adjustment of status or AOS.

Top 14

USCIS I-693 form and Vaccination Supplement

After getting married in the USA (Florida), I now had to file an I-485 Green Card application for permanent residency. This is also called seeking an adjustment of status (AOS). If all went well with that, then I would be issued with a USCIS Green Card.

Top 15

Getting married in the US (Florida)

The first thing that I should point out about getting married in the US is that each state has its own laws and costs. Even within a state, there can also be minor differences between the different counties, so it is always best to check and double check the relevant info and regulations in advance.

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The idea of US immigration is a dream for many. For me, I needed to live in the USA so that I could be with my American fiance. I achieved this with a K1 Fiance Visa. It has cost me a lot of time, money and stress, but it was still worth it.

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