Best Review - Top 15 Career Ideas that Do Not Require Four Years of College


ould you like to change your career, or start a new career, but you don't have time to go back to college and spend four or more years getting a degree? There are many high paying professions available, some of them in high demand, that require two years or less of training. In fact, some of these careers only require a few weeks of training, and often part of that will be on the job training. If you are looking for a fresh start, and new job opportunities, these articles may help you find jobs that you never considered before.

Many great jobs do not require four years of college.
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You Can Have a Career as a School Paraeducator or Teacher's Aide

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Working at a school as a teacher's aide is one occupation that often does not require any special training after high school. These positions are held by mothers, grandmothers, college students, and people who want to work with children.

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Medical Assistant Careers in Demand

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Medical Assistants work in doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics. They may work in the front office, of they may take blood pressure, weigh patients and maintain medical records. Many community colleges offer the necessary training.

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Social Worker Assistants in Demand

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Not everyone who works for your state's Department of Social Services has a social work degreee. There are many assistant positions that also need to be filled. In addition, social worker assistants may work in nursing homes, hospitals and similar institutions.

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Find a Job as a Home Health Care Aide

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Would you like to work with the elderly or disabled by providing them with care in their own homes? This rewarding career is in high demand, and only requires a few weeks of training ... usually provided by your employer.

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Get Security Guard Jobs

Security guards hold responsible positions in banks, museums, shopping malls and many public buildings. Because of concerns about terrorism and crime, there are many available jobs in this field, and it requires very little training.

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Get United States Post Office Jobs

The US Post Office hires people in a wide variety of positions including mail carriers, clerks, secretaries, sales, drives, truck maintenance and much more. In fact, the post office hires people in over 300 different job categories. Many of these jobs require very little training.

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Get Bank Teller Jobs

Do you like to work with the public, and have the ability to count money? Are you responsible? You can get a job as a bank teller with a high school diploma and a few weeks of training.

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You Can Have a Career as a Police Officer

What does it take to become a police officer? If you are in good physical condition, and have completed a year or two of criminal justice or similar classes at a community college, you may be a good police academy candidate.

Top 9

You Can Have a Career as a Freelance Writer

Would you like a legitimate job, working from home as a freelance writer. You can get started right away, either earning money for each article you submit, or by building up a residual income. You can even do both! Learn more in this helpful article.

Top 10

Veterinary Assistant and Veterinary Technician Jobs

Do you like to work with animals? Have you always wanted to be a vet? Being a veterinary assistant requires very little education. Veterinary Technicians require a certificate from a local community college. Both jobs are an excellent way to work in this field.

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Find a Job as a Fitness Trainer or Aerobics Instructor

Would you like to work at a gym, or teach yoga classes or aerobics classes? Yes, you can make money in this field, often with just a few months training. Have the job you've always wanted, and stay in shape at the same time.

Top 12

Find a Job as a Physical Therapist Assistant

Would you like to work for a physical therapist, assisting patients with their exercises? You can move into this career with some classes from a community college.

Top 13

Becoming a Realtor: Think Safety

You can easily become a Realtor in a few weeks by taking classes from you local Board of Realtors or at your community college. Once you start the job, this article gives you great suggestions for staying safe. Have fun ... this can be a great job!

Top 14

Deborah-Diane's InfoBarrel Earnings

Want honest information about how much money a stay-at-home mom can earn in residual income by writing articles for websites like InfoBarrel. This article is updated monthly and you can follow this author's progress.

Top 15

Preparing for Job Interviews

One last article to help you find the job you want. Smooth out the job search process by learning how to have successful job interviews.

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Now that you have looked through some of the available careers that are in demand, you may be ready to get started on that job change. Good luck in finding a new career and getting the fresh start you have been hoping for.

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