Best Review - Top 14 Tips to increase target traffic to your website


argeted traffic is so much important for your website or blog, it increases your traffic ranking and increase your earnings.

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Top 1

Quality content

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You should have quality content articles, this is what makes traffic comes to you in the first place

Top 2

Unique information

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If you have articles with unique information that no body have, then this will boost your website traffic

Top 3

Choose your tittles wisely

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Article tittle is a key factor for other to decide if the article worth reading or not.

Top 4

Organic traffic

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If your website have been optimized for search engines then you can get huge traffic for search engines

Top 5

Share your article on Social Media websites

Social Media websites could help boost your traffic if you know how to utilize it

Top 6

Link to your blog posts

Linking your old articles in your newer ones will help increase your traffic to old articles and improve your overall time on site records

Top 7

Provide RSS feed Subscription

RSS feed subscription improves your traffic by keeping your readers updated about your new articles

Top 8

Provide Email subscription

As with RSS feed subscription, email subscription improves your traffic by keeping your readers updated about your new articles

Top 9

Commenting on other blogs

Quality comments on blogs with similar niche and with high traffic ranking improves your website traffic

Top 10


Active participating in Forums with the same niche could clearly improve traffic to your website.

Top 11

Guest blogging

Guest blogging on other blogs with high traffic ranking improve your website traffic

Top 12

Giveaways and Contests

Providing your readers with free stuff or the possibility to win free stuff through contest will increase your website traffic

Top 13

Provide help

make connects with other bloggers and help them, they will help you back.

Top 14

Traffic Exchange

Paid or free traffic exchange help increase your traffic, but watch out from this step you should be having good portion of your traffic coming from search engine otherwise they will penalize you.

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wahmshelley's picture

@icciev You said it

@icciev You said it well!!!...This is an excellent top list!!!...Thanks for posting... :)

WAHM Shelley...

azlaird's picture

I also think making your

I also think making your topic of your post really specific is better for targeted visitors. I'd rather have 50 visitors that are ready to buy the exact product that I'm talking about on my page, then have 2000 visitors to a general topic that have no intention of buying to actual products listed on my page.

icciev's picture

Hi, Wahmshelley, thank you so

Hi, Wahmshelley, thank you so much for your great comment, have a nice day.

icciev's picture

Hi Azlaird, you are totally

Hi Azlaird, you are totally right, this is exactly the benefits of targeted traffic as they increase your earnings.

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