Best Review - Top 14 Squidoo Resources By FlynntheCat


've been on Squidoo over two years, and have slowly started writing a few tutorials and tips articles and lenses - they're divided between individual lenses and blog posts, so I'm making a list here.

To date, I've covered transferring lenses, Squid Angels, page breaks, image traffic, the new points/monsters system and the royalties process after selling something on Amazon/eBay as well as the two ad revenue programs, Chitika and Skimlinks.

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Flynn the Cat's Squidooing Articles and Tutorials

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A collection of all my lenses and Squidoo help on Squidoo.

Top 2

How To Use The Page Break Module

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A lens all about the blessings and curses of the Page Break module, that allows you to add extra pages to your lenses, and a few tips on how to use it and mitigate the problems.

Top 3

How To Transfer A Lens

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A basic walk-through of transferring or gifting a lens to someone else.

Top 5

Monsters and Points: Squidoo Just Got Fun

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About the new points system and the monster trophies

Top 6

Is Image SEO Good For Traffic? How to use it on Squidoo Lenses

How to optimise your pictures for traffic and the benefits it can bring.

Top 7

Blessing GreekGeek: SEO and HTML

A few very helpful lenses from GreekGeek for traffic and coding that I blessed during one stint as an Angel

Top 8

Chitika on Squidoo

About the Chitika ad program that provides a few extra cents each payout on Squidoo.

Top 9

Skimlinks on Squidoo

About the Skimlinks affiliate program that was used on Squidoo for a while in 2009.

Top 10

How To Use The Facebook Fan Page Module On Squidoo

How to find that **&@## identifier number and add a Facebook fan page.

Top 11

Is It Better To Use Your Own Amazon Associate Account On Squidoo?

A comparison of whether it's worth signing up as an Amazon Associate or just using Squidoo's modules, and my initial earnings.

Top 12

How To Be A Squid Angel

A guide on how to go about being a Squid Angel - a type of moderator on Squidoo, empowered to bless lenses.

Top 13

Quick HTML For Squidoo

This quick HTML tutorial covers all the basics - bold, italics, links, paragraph alignment, as well as a few extras (such as the numeric code for the pound...

Top 14

Using Squidoo's Amazon Referral ID

How to find and use Squidoo's Amazon IDs on your lenses.

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