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nitting has risen in popularity over the last few years. Although there are many knitting pattern books available, there are even more patterns available for free or for purchase on the internet. So explore a little and find something that will make you itch to start knitting!

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Top 1

Free Harry Potter Knitting Patterns

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Knitting patterns based on Harry Potter series of Books and movies.

Top 2

Free Twilight Knitting Patterns

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Patterns designed based off of the knitwear worn in the Twilight movies.

Top 3

Free iPad Cover Knitting Patterns

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iPads are new to the scene, but knitting isn't! The day the iPad was released for sale people started publishing free ipad cover knitting patterns.

Top 5

Valentine's Day Knitting Patterns

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Show someone how much you love them with these romantic themed knitting patterns.

Top 6

Easter Knitting Patterns

Knitting doesn't have to stop just because it is spring!

Top 7

Toy Knitting Patterns

Do you like insects, balls, and teddy bears? Knit plush toys and finger puppets!

Top 8

Holiday Knitting Patterns

Great inspiration for gifts for any occasion (although you may only want to give winter accessories when there is a chance of snow!)

Top 9

Custom Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns

Make Christmas Stockings with your own initials on them!

Top 10

Flower Knitting Patterns

These are great as embellishments on garments, or even as a bouquet that will never wilt!

Top 11

Wedding Knitting Patterns

Make delicate knits that are appropriate for the bride or for any guest at a wedding.

Top 12

Sampler Afghan Knitting Patterns

Sampler afghans are a great way for you to practice new knitting stitches while creating a unique family heirloom.

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