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o you give gifts to the same 10 or 12 people every year, and you just feel that you cannot come up with anything else that is new or creative? This list of articles contains lots of choices for nearly everyone on your gift list ... whether it is a parent, grandparent, child or friend. There are gifts ideas here for the sports lover, the outdoorsman, the book lover, and the music lover. There are even ideas for people who enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Look over this list of articles, and you are sure to find something to please everyone!

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Last Minute Gifts: Cheap but Thoughtful

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We all want to give something special to the people we care about, but too much gift giving can get expensive. On the other hand, we don't want to look like a cheapskate. This article contains tons of ideas for gifts for all seasons ... wedding gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts and more. Show you care, without breaking the bank!

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Cheap and Thoughtful Gifts for Men

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Do the men in your life all ask for gifts that you can't possibly afford? This article contains a list of gift ideas that are reasonably priced, and that will appeal to a wide variety of men ... whether they are outdoorsmen, or sports fans; whether they like music or computer games; whether they enjoy hobbies or cooking. Get gifts they'll really love!

Top 3

Where to Buy Authentic Team Footballs, Helmets and Jerseys

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The football fan in your family will love to be surprised to a gift of an autographed football or football jersey, or even an authentic team football helmet. This article gives you multiple resources for finding the perfect one!

Top 4

Where to Buy Sports Posters

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Would your sports fan like an autographed copy of a photo or poster of his favorite player in action? This article helps you locate just the one you're looking for.

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Autographed Baseballs Available

Does the sports fan in your life take their catcher's mitt to every baseball game in the hope of catching a fly ball? Buy them the autographed baseball they have been dreaming about. This article tells you about the many different places you can shop, as well as how to determine the value of the autographs.

Top 6

Sports Memorabilia Gifts for Men

In addition to autographed baseballs, footballs and posters, there are many other types of sports memorabilia that the sports fan in your life might enjoy owning. How about some stadium seats from Yankee Stadium? Or a crystal paper weight containing dirt from their favorite baseball field? These items, and many more, are available, if you know where to buy them. This article tells you how.

Top 7

Why I Love the Magic Bullet Blender

If someone in your life enjoys making smoothies, milkshakes, whipped cream, or frozen cocktails, this little blender may be the most used piece of equipment in their kitchen. Buy them the gift they didn't even know they needed!

Top 8

Discount Wigs for Sale

Would someone you know like a wig for their next trip ... or their next costume party? This article tells you how to find a wide range of wigs at discount prices.

Top 9

Buy a Keurig Coffee Brewing System

Is their a coffee lover on your gift list? The Keurig Coffee Brewing System makes individual mugs of coffee, and you have over 200 flavors of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and hot cider to choose from. The perfect gift for someone who likes to entertain ... or who just likes a little variety in their own life!

Top 10

Buy Travel Dresses from Travel Smith

The Travel Smith Company provides all types of clothing that is perfect for the frequent traveler. Get them a gift certificate or, if you know their size, buy them a delightful dress or outfit that will be perfect at home and on the road! Learn more about the choices availabe in this article.

Top 11

Jigsaw Puzzles: Cheap Family Fun

Puzzles have been a popular activity with families for many years. They make a wonderful gift, whether it is for your family or someone else's. Learn more about the choices available in this article.

Top 12

Fun Games for Kids: Cheap

Despite the popularity of video games, there are still many board games that kids love and that are fun for the entire family. Read this article before you go shopping, and choose the perfect game for your family.

Top 13

The Joy of Buying TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes makes shoes for the whole family ... mom, dad and the kids. If you give them as a gift, you are also giving a pair to a poor child somewhere else. TOMS is built on the concept of "One for One." For every pair you buy, they give a pair to a shoeless child somewhere else in the world. What better gift can you give someone you love?

Top 14

Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle, a book review

Father Gregory Boyle wrote this thought-provoking book about the gangs of Los Angeles. It tells the story of many gang members who have risked everything to leave the gang life, and how Father Greg, and his Homeboy Industries, has helped them start over. The proceeds from the sale of the book go to support this gang intervention program. So, you can give the book as a gift to a caring person in your life, and help raise money for gang prevention at the same time. You give two gifts!

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This list of articles should have helped you find some new ideas for the people on your gift list. Whether you are buying for a birthday, father's day, mother's day or Christmas, you are sure to have found something that will delight them!

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