Best Review - Top 14 Breedable Dragons in the game of Dragonvale


ave you tried the game of Dragonvale? If not and you own a iPad, iPhone, iPad mini, iPod or any other Apple game you will certainly want to check out this fun online videogame.

Dragonvale is a very popular online game, and there's a reason for that, it is a lot of fun. The idea of this game is quite simple. You breed dragons and build shelters for them, with time breeding some very rare breeds and getting an interesting selection of dragons to display to others.

Graph Dragonvale's a social game, in some ways similar to other social games like Cityville and Farmville. But in my mind it is a lot better. These dragons are quite cute in the game itself can be very addictive to play.

There are many different breeds of dragons in Dragonvale. Some are quite easy to make intimate any time. Others take breeding dragons that are a little harder to get. Then there are some that take the rarer breeds and breathe these rarer breeds together with only a small chance of getting the outcome. These dragons become fairly rare.

Then there are dragons can only be made for special occasions. For instance, there was an Olympic Dragon that can only be made while the Olympics were going on. You can no longer make that Dragon., Then of course there are monthly gym dragons that can only be made during the month of the birthstone. For instance the breathable Topaz Dragon can only be made in the month of November.

So you have never played the game of Dragonvale and you have an iPad, iPhone or other mobile device to play it on, you may want to download this free online game and give it a chance. I think you'll find it is quite fun and amusing way to spend a little bit of your spare time. Check out some of these breathable dragons that make the top 11 breathable dragons in the game of Dragonvale.

These dragons were all my opinion of the best dragons, and in no way make a hard and fast rule of the best dragons..

Best Breedable Dragons in the game of Dragonvale
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Top 1

Breeding a Topaz Gem Dragon

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The topaz gem Dragon is the monthly gem Dragon for the month of November. I picked this one for the list simply because I love topaz.

Top 2

Dragonvale Rainbow Dragon

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The Dragonvale rainbow Dragon is of course one of the most colorful of all the dragons. I just love the colors of this rainbow, it is a hard to breed and very fun Dragon for the game of Dragonvale

Top 3

Dragonvale turquoise Dragon

Best Review 9433

Another cool monthly gem Dragon, this is one of the fun and nifty breedable monthly gem dragons

Top 5

Dragonvale Aquamarine Dragon

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Top 8

Dragonvale Breeding Guide and tips

A collection of tips for breeding some of the common and semi-rare dragons in the game of Dragonvale

Top 14

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I hope you enjoyed this collection of the top 11 breedable dragons in the game of Dragonvale. If you have not tried Dragonvale, why not give it a shot.

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