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etal detecting is absolutely a fun and exciting hobby. The best part is it can also be a source of additional income. This is why many people engage in this activity. In order to thoroughly enjoy and find more treasures, luck is simply not enough. There are lots of things that you have to know for successful metal detecting. These pages are a quick guide that you might just need.

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Minelab Detectors

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Minelab produces one of the finest metal detectors in the world. Check out this line of Minelab Metal Detector products.

Top 2

Protect Your Metal Detecting Finds

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Secrets revealed regarding proper ways on how to store your metal finds! Protect your precious metal detecting finds with these tips.

Top 3

Choosing the Best Metal Detectors

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Looking for a lost treasure? Then you might just need a metal detector! Choose a metal detector that best suits your needs.

Top 4

Metal Detector Tips

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Find more treasures with these metal detecting tips and tricks!

Top 5

Tesoro Metal Detectors

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Tesoro strives to become a producer of best metal detectors. Check out Tesoro Metal Detectors & Tesoro Metal Detector Accessories

Top 6

Top Rated Metal Detectors

Having difficulty in selecting quality metal detectors? Here is a list of best performing metal detectors.

Top 7

About Cleaning Metal Detector Coin Finds

Clean your metal detecting finds without diminishing their value! Here are simple tips that you can try.

Top 8

Discount Metal Detectors-Where to Find Them

Have fun metal detecting without spending too much! Discover where to find metal detectors at the price you can afford.

Top 9

Metal Detecting Clubs

Are you trying to find metal detecting clubs that you can share your hobby with? Check this out!

Top 10

Metal Detector Prices

Buy your desired metal detector at the price you are willing to pay! Compare prices of metal detectors and select the one that best suits not only your needs but your budget as well.

Top 11

Gold Metal Detectors~What’s the Deal With Them?

The creation of modern and easy to use gold metal detectors has changed the traditional method of gold hunting! Find out everything there is to know about gold metal detectors.

Top 12

Some Best Rated Metal Detectors

Metal detectors abound nowadays. Do not just settle for less than the best that you can afford. Discover the best ones that you can use according to your metal detecting needs!

Top 13

Go Treasure Hunting With Metal Detectors

More treasures can be found with these simple metal detecting tips!

Top 14

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Metal detectors are designed to identify hidden metals and treasures. Learn how metal detectors work!

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Unearth hidden treasures. Enjoy the adventure of metal detecting!

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