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here isn't a more popular instrument than the guitar, and so, guitarists grab the attention and the imagination of all who follow them and their music. I play the guitar - but I'm quite an amateur, and nowhere near professional. Great guitarist are forever on my mind - so naturally, I think they should be on yours too! HA!

These are some of my favorite guitarist, and if you do not know who they are, then I hope that you can enjoy reading about them and hearing a couple of their tunes.

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Top 1

Django Reingardt

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Django Reinhardt is perhaps the most influential guitarist to have ever lived. There really weren't many persons thinking of or using the guitar as a lead or solo instrument before Django Reinhardt took the guitar to levels of play never before seen or heard, and he did it with only two fully functional fingers.

Top 2

Clarence White

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Few guitarist have every been a part of half as much innovation as has Clarence White. He, along with Doc Watson, brought the acoustic flat top guitar as a lead instrument to the folk, country, and bluegrass world - and because of those two, it's here to stay. Later on, Clarence became a member of The Byrds, where legions of guitarist would line the stage, helpless and hapless, in awe of the strange sounds produced by his "B bender."

Top 3

Doc Watson

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Doc Watson is the embodiment of everything that no longer exists in popular music - he's actually a musician, and not a model singing some shallow materialistic crap that someone else wrote. Doc Watson is a pure guitarist that plays more styles of music than most people know exists anymore.

Top 4

Al Di Meola

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No matter your taste in music, you have to admit two things about Al Di Meola - 1. He can play things that you probably can not, and 2. His music is very original. He's my pick for the best American guitarist

Top 5

Steve Kaufman - Contest Champion and Instructor Champion

I've met Steve Kaufman, and he's a nice guy! He's the only guy to win the flatpicking championship in Winfield, Kansas - three times. He's also the most prolific guitar teacher in probably the entire United States.

Top 6

Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot is easily one of the single greatest English speaking songwriters of all time, he's also a great acoustic guitarist, and he had another guitarist that for his entire career had been his lead guitarist. The Man's name was Terry Clements, and he was by all accounts a wonderful human being - and he was a very skilled, but under stated guitarist. Rest In Piece.

Top 7

John Lennon.

John was mostly known for his songwriting and his wit - and then for his wild hippie antics; but most fine songwriters play guitar, and most certainly, John Lennon did this as well.

Top 8

The Everly Brothers.

Phil and Don Everly are well known for their fine close harmonies, beautiful, country inspired early rock and roll singing, and of course; their ferocious rhythm guitar playing.

Top 9

Russ Barenberg

Melodic guitar playing and appearances with Celtic violinist in documentaries - Russ is everywhere and you never see him

Top 10

David Bromberg

The foremost authority in the entire world concerning American made violins, David Bromberg is also one hell of a guitarist.

Top 11

The Best Female Guitarist

You wouldn't know it from the mass media, but women can play the guitar every bit as well as any man can, and whenever they so choose to do so too!

Top 12

The Best Guitarist To Play The Fender Stratocaster

The Fender Strat is an infamous guitar, and it's famous because these people played or play it!

Top 13

The Best Guitarist To Play The Gibson Les Paul

Les Paul didn't design or invent the Les Paul Guitar, but his name got put on it, and he was the first guy, naturally, to make it famous - here's the rest!

Top 14

The Fender Telecaster And The Bakersfield Sound

The Fender Telecaster was the first solid body electric guitar, and it is still one of the best, most distinctive, and most desired electric guitars anywhere.

Most specifically, the Telecaster is THE instrument associated with an entire style of music, and that style is known as "The Bakersfield Sound.'

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In Conclusion I'd like to state that I hope you've been either educated or entertained. This list will surely grow, and grow some more - time permitting.

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Jack_Tyson's picture

Interesting list of guitar

Interesting list of guitar players WesmanToddShaw!.... I only really know Django here, so I'll check out the others....

wesmantoddshaw's picture

Hey, Thank you very much!!!

Hey, Thank you very much!!! The other two are VERY different in style of music. It's hard to find good videos, etc, or Clarence White's more masterful playing - but one of the videos on the link for him is an outstanding one - he'd fuse "chicken picking" along with flatpicking while syncopating, he was an absolute MASTER of guitar.

Doc Watson is more traditional and simplistic - but he's a very old man while performing on the videos, and past his prime - but the pieces are still outstanding. He's a fingerstylist and a flatpicker, and also sings and plays harmonica.

I've got some more articles that I'm going to add to this, and I'm also going to write some more articles about the guitarist that I enjoy. Thank you very much for your comment!