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've been a professional HVAC mechanic since 1995, and this will be a list of articles that I've written about heating and air conditioning, tips for homeowners, tools, and some insights into the day to day lives of a HVAC Service Technician

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Top 1

Tough Choices For Homeowners

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Replacing a central heating and air conditioning system is a major expense, and these days, because of the change in environmental laws, the choices are getting much tougher for homeowners.

Top 2

The Value Of Professional HVAC Installers

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I'm not usually an installation guy. I'm the service and repair guy. It's my experience that there is nothing worse that you could do than to hire someone to install or service your air conditioner that isn't a certified and well trained professional. It will always cost you more in the end if you hire a shade tree mechanic.

Top 3

Protecting Your Air Conditioner During Home Improvements

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Roofing contractors and spray in insulation guys are a menace to your home central heating and air conditioning system. Please read this article if you are having work done to your home, it could very well save you a ton of money and misery.

Top 4

Environmental Laws and the Homeowner

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Modern high efficiency equipment made in the USA is pretty horrible; and this explains why this is so. Hopefully, it will get better in time. If not, then American HVAC manufacturing will suffer greatly.

Top 5

What Is a Widow Maker?

I got asked a question about a device that I'd talked about, that is what hvac guys call a "widow maker." It's a dangerous electrical adapter that nobody wants to use, but we sometimes have to use.

Top 6

Homeowner's A/C Tune Up Tips

Maintaining your central air conditioning system should be a priority, and it's not hard to do. Here's some simple tips to help you out.

Top 7

The Advantage Of Owning a Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are the way to go, and I mean that. They are safer for heating than gas heat, and cheaper to operate than electric heat. They are just more advanced air conditioning and heating systems.

Top 8

Mini Split Systems For Homes

Most people do not know about mini split systems, but they are nearly always heat pumps, and are far more cost effective than one big central hvac system.

Top 9

Ambiance Eco Green

Ambiance Eco Green is a specific brand of mini split heat pumps, and they are very, very smart buys; highly efficient, and supremely reliable

Top 10

A Day In The Life Of A HVAC Service Technician

Here's a little description of a typical day for a Service Tech.

Top 11

Spring Time Home Air Conditioning Tune Up Checklist.

I created this checklist for both the homeowner - so that he or she can be certain that they are getting good service, and their money's worth with an air conditioning maintenance agreement, or just a service call for a tune up; but I also created this checklist for newer technicians.

Top 12

The Worst Air Conditioning Service Call That I'd Ever Worked.

This is a tale concerning how overworked an hvac service technician can become during the early Summer, and how sometimes the best of efforts and intentions aren't enough to please an angry customer.

Top 13

The Refrigerant 22 Loophole (r22)

Contrary to the designs and purposes of the international Montreal Protocol, refrigerant 22 equipment is still being manufactured RIGHT NOW, the loophole is that it can be made and then shipped - so long as it contains no refrigerant. So they charge it with nitrogen in order to get around international law. This can save YOU money if you need new r 22 equipment, but only if you and your contractor know about it.

Top 14

Always Ask A Friend Before Calling An HVAC company - NEVER Just Pick One From A Phone Book.

The very best hvac mechanics and service companies to not buy advertising in phone books - they are the BEST, and so they do NOT have to advertise!

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All of These articles are meant to be helpful to the homeowner, or prospective homeowner. They are full of great advice from me, the guy who's been repairing heating and air for a long, long time.

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