Best Review - Top 13 Web 2.0 Sites I Use For Backlinking

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If you want to rank your site high in Google you need some back links. It is more about the quantity than the quality though. In order to achieve that, one of the easiest and most efficient ways is to use web 2.0 sites. I will use some examples to illustrates this rather than just giving you the plain web 2.0 URL. For each of them, make sure you complete your profile as much as possible. Once you have finished your back links, make sure you ping them. They will be indexed faster. And also don't forget the value of Best Reviewer. Make a post here about your subject (either in the tops of in Salary if it applies!) Happy blogging Blogspot Blogspot is owned by Google. Needless to say that links from there do have some value! Wordpress One of the favorite platform for bloggers. One of the biggest too! Hubpages Make sure you post quality articles there, they are quite strict on what they can accept. Google Sites No need to present these either. Insane Journal Blinkweb Yola Multiply Tumblr Wikispaces Live Journal Weebly Webs
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Great list! backlinks is the

Great list! backlinks is the way to go

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Thank you Miriam!

Thank you Miriam!