Best Review - Top 13 Kotobukiya Marvel and DC Bishoujo Statues


he Kotobukiya Bishoujo range of statues feature well known heroines from Marvel and DC comics such as Wonder Woman, Emma Frost, Black Widow, Rogue, Phoenix and the Scarlet Witch.

These collectable figures are both gorgeous, colourful recreations of these iconic women and actually affordable - although not always obtainable, as they are imported from Japan.

Made from high quality PVC plastic, they stand between 7 and 9 inches tall (1/7 or 1/8 scale). The highest price range sfrom $30-70 (while the list price is usually $59.99, you can usually buy them for less from Amazon).

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Top 1

Wonder Woman Statue (DC Comics)

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From the Kotobukiya DC X Bishoujo Collection, this bold Wonder Woman stands ready with her lasso, hair streaming in the wind, and armour and weapons resting at her feet.
She stands just over 9" tall and has a list price of $59.99

Top 2

Catwoman Statue (DC Comics)

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Sexy and stylish, this Catwoman poses atop an exclusive Batman-inspired gargoyle base, her whip between her teeth and curling mid-twirl in the air around her. Clad in her shiny black modern costume, she stands 9 1/10" high.

Illustrated by Shunya Yamashita, with a list price of $59.99

Top 3

Ms. Marvel Statue (Marvel Comics)

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At just over 9.1" tall, Ms. Marvel looks ready to fight, as she leaps from her exclusive display base, both hands filled with orange fire and red sash streaming behind her.
List Price: $59.99

Top 4

Psylocke Statue (Marvel Comics)

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This 9" Pyslocke circles, her two swords held ready to do battle with an enemy. Clad in clinging blue costume, the only motion she betrays is the wind blowing through her violet hair and red sash.

List Price: $59.99

Top 5

Black Cat (Marvel Comics)

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This sly and adorable cat burglar is poised mid-leap from a building, gazing delighted at a stolen gem clutched in her hand. From the sculpted fur ruffs at elbow and knee to her flowing white locks, she conveys a marvellous sense of motion. She's full of personality, from her goggles, to her dainty feet - to the Spiderman face painted on the base!

List Price: $59.99 and height just over 9"

Top 6

Batgirl Statue

Back to Gotham and DC, this Batgirl is full of attitude and ready for action, as she sweeps her blue cloak dramatically around her. Her vibrant red hair tumbles out in the wind over the city, and she stands tall and long-legged in skin tight gray and gold, one golden boot resting on a snarling winged gargoyle. This is Barbara Gordon as she first appeared, before she lost the use of her legs.

Price: $69.95
Height: Approx 9"

Top 7

Phoenix Statue (Marvel Comics)

Touching down on a base of orange flame, Jean Grey is instantly recognisable as the X-Men's sexiest and strongest psychic, her red hair blowing around her face and thigh-high yellow boots reaching all the way up to her green bodysuit.

List Price: $64.99 and height 9"

Top 8

Dark Phoenix Statue (Marvel Comics)

Otherwise identical to the 'good' version of Jean Grey, Dark Phoenix is fiery and translucent in red and gold.
List Price: $64.99

Top 9

Emma Frost Statue (Marvel Comics)

Both enemy and leader of the X-Men, Emma Frost is famous for her revealing outfits. And for being an incredibly scary person. This statue stands with one hand out in an attack pose, white cloak blowing out behind and wrapping around her, midriff bare and blonde hair lashing in the wind.

8" high, she's listed at $59.99

Top 10

Rogue Statue (Marvel Comics)

The most unpredictable mutant of them all, Rogue stands ready in yellow and green, holding back her white streaked hair - fully covered, of course, lest her deadly skin make contact with another person. This is one of the most brightly coloured statues in the Kotobukiya Bishoujo range and feature impressive detail, from Rogue's utility belt to her gloves.
Price: $69.99
Height : 7-3/5"

Top 11

Black Widow Statue (Marvel Comics)

Everyone loves a sexy spy, and the Russian Natasha Romanoff lives up to her deadly and dangerous reputation. Clad in black, with gold belt and wristbands, the Black Widow raises a pistol in one hand as she checks behind her. Just don't ask how she balances in those heels, which push her up to a full 7 and 3/5 inches in height.
List Price: $59.99

Top 12

Scarlet Witch Statue (Marvel Comics)

Magneto's powerful daughter doesn't even touch the ground - but flies, balancing on the folds of her red cloak. Clad in bright red swimsuit-style outfit, and long gloves and boots, her mass of brown hair flies out behind her, one lock falling seductively over her horned headdress.

7.5" tall
List Price: $64.99
Amazon Price: $46.98

Top 13

Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman is amazingly done, her hands and feet fading into invisible clear PVC, as she stands atop one of her original enemies, twirling her blonde hair. Somewhat more realistic in proportion than many of the other figures, her outfit shows just how well Kotobukiya does fabric. Unfortunately, she's not as readily available as the rest, going right up to a price of $119.00 (with several cheaper, but less consistent sellers).

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